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hi Julien, you have been a great help to all of us. i'v read all your articles.seems though that no one talks about internship. i'm a university graduate with a bachelors degree. i just got an internship job offer in Mauritius as a Personal Assistant to a manager in a company. the pay is undisclosed but cost of accommodation is $75- shared or $150-single. i dont know which part of Mauritius exactly at the moment. what i would lyk to know is whether i will be paid the minimum expat wage of 30000MUR or not and if so would it be a fair deal???
and oh, another thing, can i get a second job??? i wanna save towards my masters. thank you.i need to get back to them with an answer within the week so pls reply ASAP!

Hi sunnyvee and welcome on,

how long would last your intership?

Hi Julien, Any chances that you will organise a meet up "afterwork" in P Louis soon ?

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If your internship lasts more than 2*3 months, you'll need an occupation permit -> minimum pay 30,000 rs per month.

You should have a look to the visa Mauritius section in the Mauritius guide.

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Hi Sunnyvee

Local companies usually offer internship to foreign students and/or graduates for periods of up to three months.

To be able to stay in Mauritius with such a VISA, the firm granting the internship needs to:
    Have a letter from the University making a request or confirming that you are/were a student of the University and requires such an internship.
    Sign an agreement with your University, where some general clauses are included.
    Submit to the Passport and Immigration Office and to the Ministry of Labour and Industrial Relations:
o    indicating that the internship will be on NO pay.
o    A copy of the agreement signed with your University, indicating therein that the internship will be on no PAY. 
With such a VISA, you will NOT be able to take a job in Mauritius.

Should you be willing to work in Mauritius in your capacity as a graduate/professional, then the Company offering you the job should indicate in the letter of offer that they are providing you free accommodation and also that your salary will be at least Rs 30,000/-= €800.

You will then enter the country on a Business Visa and start when in Mauritius, procedures towards getting an Occupational Permit and Residence Permit.

Hope the above clears in some way your confusion.;)



thank you Vayid. am actually a graduate, not a student and the agency handling it over here said it was paid internship and the company was offering between 150-200 euros!!:mad:
so what did i do?? i turned it down.i dont understand how they expect me to be paying monthly rent of 150$ but receive a pay sad though cos i was beginning to look forward to living in Mauritius.
although that hasnt worked out i'v forwarded my CV to some of the links here. hope i catch a fish. give me a headsup when you come across anything good ok? am into commercial/ Administrative/Languages stuff.i'm bilingual, english /french
thanks to you all
:cheers: to beautiful mauritius

Dear Sunnyvee

It's great that you are bilingual.

Kindly send your CV + work experience + testimonial. I'll try to help you in catching a big fish!


Vayid - [email protected]

hi everyone,

I am new here.. I have actually just applied for a job in mauritius. I would appreciate it if anyone could advice me on the posiibility of working on a student visa.Hope to hear anyone of you. Thanks.


Hi all,
I am accountant.I am affiliate member of ACCA(a british accountancy body recognized in Mauritius).Plz tell what r job prospects for auditors and accountants in Mauritius?What is their average salary?Plz reply.

Dear Shaani

An ACCA affiliate will fetch no less than Rs 40,000/- Still, some firms offer some Rs 60,000/ to Rs 70,000/-.



Thanks Vayid,
Rs 40000+ would be a good start for me as I am single currently.How should I search for a job?I know about big audit firms like Kpmg,delloitte,pwhc, ernst and young etc but have no idea about other local firms?How they interview foreigners?I can speak Englis and Urdu/hindi but no French, would it effect?Plz reply.

Hi sunnyvee, I am in the exact same situation as you were. I am also being offered about 150 euros to do a internship.

Vayid, so it will not be possible at all to get a second job such as a barman or a server on such as visa? The visa you get when doing a internship?

Hi Louisstefanfourie & Sunnyvee

I would not like to disappoint you.

However, in Mauritius, there are no such possibilities as getting a second job whether on internship VISA or not.

The Labour laws and the specificities in Mauritius are quite different from other countries.

Anyway, hope you have a nice stay in Mauritius.



Hello, I am from Ghana and I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies, and I am currently pursuing a Master of Philosophy in Social Work at the University of Ghana. I am looking for paid internships in Mauritius. I have over five years working experience in Public Relations and Office Administration. I have also done some internships as a Journalist in Ghana.

Can you please help me find a company or agency to help me?

hi guys,
i am an acca affiliate. i want to know about the basic salary thaat big 4 accounting frims are paying in mauritius. and also abt the opportunities for acca affiliates there.
and would love to know the names of other audit firms there.
warm regards,

hi all,
i am a doctor, competed my MBBS from India and working as Medical Officer in Multi speciality hospital in India. i wants to relocate in Mauritius. what are the chances to get job as Medical Officer in Mauritius and what salary i can expect.

Hello is their is any paid internship in a Hotel at Mauritius for a international student studying at mauritius..can some one help me?

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These articles on Work/Labour market in Mauritius could help you perhaps in your search.

Thanks and good luck

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