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My name is Ricky. I'm currently living in Cape Town but I have already got the ball rolling to relocate to Mauritius. However, it seems that I've got my first taste of how things are done there.... I made an offer on an apartment in the Black River  area two weeks ago. It was accepted by the owner. The Estate Agent was in the process of getting the paperwork organised to be submitted to the BOI. Yesterday I received an email from the owner, telling me that the price of the apartment that I made an offer on has now been increased by Rs 650 000 and that I have 10 days to accept this "generous" offer or it will be sold to the highest bidder.

Is this actually legal to do in Mauritius? Is there someone on this forum that can perhaps offer some advice pls or nudge me in the direction where I can receive legal advice?

That's why it is always advisable to proceed with the Pre-sale agreement at a Notary office, a Compromis de Vente in French. Even the BOI request this to proceed with your application. If you had such a document, your price would have been locked (of course on a determined period and subject that you respect all conditions)

Hi Nadeem,

Thanks for your input. The Agents were in the process of doing this.

Hi Ricky
Buddy you must be very vigilant with Mauritian seller even the owner .
To be honest my brother wanted to buy an apartment 3rd floor in the West Coast,the asking price was Rs3.5m , delays made by the owner to the notary he then asking for Rs 4.5 m ,which my brother declined his offer
And now he is searching for something else .
They are so money minded without any offend to Mauritian locals and dont even give respect in term of their mistakes .
Buddy best advice for that price it’s still considerable but make everything quick and legit with notary
Best of luck

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