Notoriety After Death


Does anyone know if two separate documents need to be drafted if two properties are involved, or one document can include both properties?

Thank you

Notoriety? :/

Or are you enquiring about a notary for a will consisting of immovables like properties ?
The  testator expresses his/her wishes as to how those properties  are to be distributed at death in a will and that will may be drawn up by a notary in Mauritius  ( the preferred option)

Thank you for your response. Yes, I meant immovable property--land. The name of the document is Notoriety After Death aka Affidavit de Succession. My father passed away but did not leave a will. There are two properties involved; the notary said that only one must appear in that Notoriety After Death, and this makes me very uncomfortable.


May be there is a need of an affidavit for each lot since the affidavit must contain details of each immovable property for publication in the Govt gazette and local newspapers.
( I could be wrong )
See this document:
To prove ownership … 201958.pdf

check this document also for Affidavit de succession:
for distribution of assets … WILLS1.pdf

see section 39.

Do you have papers or land certificate which prove that your father was the legal owner?
If that's the case then you will need only to go for Affidavit de Succession and ALL HIS ASSETS ( the both lots with all descriptive details) should be in that affidavit for distribution to the legal heirs  in an intestate (without a will) death.

In the absence of a will, the legal order of inheritance, in descending order of priority, is:

The descending line, and the surviving spouse.
The favoured ascending line (father and mother) and favoured collateral line (siblings and children of predeceased siblings).
The ordinary ascending line (grandparents, great-grandparents).
The ordinary collateral line up to the 12th degree.
In the absence of any protected heirs, the deceased's estate vests in the Mauritian State.

also check this: … le-partage

There are notaries and notaries in Mauritius ( hope you get my drift).  For peace of mind , check with La Chambre de notaires de l'île Maurice and see if they can clarify  it for you. … -mauritius