cost of construction in Mauritius

Could any body please tell me the cost per square of building a house at La Gaulette? Thanks Graham

Can vary massively depending on who you use! which I found out to my cost here! That said, my family helped sort my house in the end as many of them are in the trade. To that end if you need help I can put you in touch and get you a good quote.

Do you own the land out of interest?

I bought mine with my wife and renovated, found out quickly it would have been cheaper to build from scratch. Worth getting a good architect.

masonry (concrete block building with concrete slab roof, rendered) should cost you roughly 1000rs/sqft, incl. labour and material, plumbing another 50,000 - 100,000 total (labour and material), electrical installations 50,000 - 100,000, all depending on how many water/power points, materials used, etc. What comes afterwards (tiles, woodwork, windows, doors, sanitary ware, kitchen, bathrooms etc.) is difficult to estimate, if you have posh tastes could cost you as much as the masonry, but I would say a final price of somewhere around 1300-2000 Rs/sqft total is a safe bet

Thank you for asking this. My current plan is to add another floor to an existing home. Is anyone able to please give advice on this?

should cost you a lot less since you do not need new foundation

Hii i will love getting a quote because am planning to build a house, possible to get a quote? Like around 1200 sqft house ?

Thanks for your reply!!!!

Thanks for that Ill base my design on that. Id heard to allow between the same figures so Im feeling a bit more confidant now!! We have some contacts in Mauritius as my wife is from there so Ill get the ball rolling

Thanks for your reply, yes we already own the land

we are just buying some land in la gaulette and would like a quote if you can help
its around 135 sq mtrs


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