Cost estimation for building own villa


I am planning to having a house built and was just wondering if anyone can help me with a cost estimation. So I know how much approximately to calculate with. It only concerns framing, major systems (electrical, plumbin), materials, finishes and labor/construction work costs.

  • House size +/- 300m2
  • 4 bedrooms
  • Villa
  • Design modern and tending to the more luxurious
  • Excluding: land, interior, permits, landscaping, architectural fees.

A rough estimate is fine. References are the newly built modern houses (more mansions) you find in Flic-en-Flac (smart city) and Tamarin, Black River.


Building same like the the ones to European standards. Rough pricing depending on the materials finished is around Rs 3.3M including swimming pool and high end finish. Roof is also pitched and not flat which is hideous in my opinion, specially if your land is around 40-50 toise.

@Ottomus Hi,  I believe a Quantity Surveyor would be able to assist in this regard. If interested,  you can get in touch.


Thanks. Do they give quotes for villa construction? Do you know a good quantity surveyor you can recommend?


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I just finished my construction of 350m2 which i started 2022.

Just the house without furniture cost 6m.

No way you can do this below 5m.

First thing first, are you married to a local? Or are you a returnee? Or are you a Mauritian descendent ? If not, I am afraid you cannot even buy land.

However, if you are allowed to buy land to build your own house, I suggest you find an architect or interior designer to create a model of your dream house.

I started to build my house since Feb 2022. It is still not finished. And I already got ripped off twice and robbed 4 times. My last/current building contractor (whom I can trust which is rare for me in MRU) said telling someone how much per square meter to build a house is usually a bad sign. As they don't know how many lights or sockets you will need, also how many pipes for plumbing you will need when you can't tell where is the septic tank, water tank and how many water tanks you are going to have.....etc. And most important is security. Boundary wall could be very expensive if your land is right next to the main road with heavy traffic (giant hollow blocks will be needed, as well as tons of cement...etc).

My neighborhood is having many construction at the moment. I always snoop around to see why my building contractor charge me that price. When you have nothing to compare, you may find one's price is high. But when I compare the work between mine and my neighborhood's, it is relatively cheap.

Don't make the same mistake like most people and I did. Get a proper architectual plan first, then ask for the quote.




Here is an extraxt from a construction company to asdist with ball park figures. Here is the link as well

How much is it to build a house in Mauritius?

Between Rs 3.85m – Rs. 4m for a 1500 square foot Home. The construction rate being: Rs. 2550 per square foot. Building contractors offer between: Rs. 2300 – Rs. 3300 per square foot. Costs that will be incurred: Masonry (concrete block building, slab roof, rendering finish), Plumbing, Electrical installations, Tiles, Woodwork, Windows and Doors, Sanitary Ware, kitchen appliances.

@Pandora At Dodoland

Hello its Sanjay from Construction de l'Ouest ltee,

i am totally agree with you

Basing with my past experiences in construction section, my opinion after getting a construction permit

as a common, there is the procedure of tendering for the project.

A Quantity Surveyor will do a Bill of Quantities where all description of work is mentioned and the contractor quote there rates accordingly as per scope of works and subtrade such as plumbing, electrical, Aluminium openings, boundary wall, landscaping etc.

After awarding  the contract to a contractor, of course have to sign a proper contract agreement and the the Quantity Surveyor monitor payment the work in Post Contract phase.

Payment is done as per progress of work, as such there will be no over payments done for works not yet achieved.

There are other proffessional can get involve in the work, such as a project Manager, Structural Engineer to check the reinforcements, by giving approval according to the concrete batching, structural matters, etc

but of course it depend on client budget to involve professional in his construction project.

instead awarding a contractor based on recomendation by friends,



Make sure you find an honest architect & builder you can trust. My contractor, drew up plans from my plans. Then, he quoted on building it for me. Make sure you make a list of all the specific things you want before you get quoted - otherwise these extras can add up. House started in November 2022 & finished in August 2023- key in hand. If you want his details message me. Based on what I paid & those around me, I would guess about 7m for what you want.