Advice regarding building my own house.

Hello everyone,

Please could someone here advice what is required after acquisition of land to build the own house.

1.Boundary Wall → Is this shared or mine. If I build the wall all around my plot, then who maintains it. I will only see the wall inside my plot. What happens to the other side. Am I obliged to cement render it or just leave it as it is.How far from boundary line should this wall be build.

2.Any recommendations for 3D house designers .I have a plan what I would like to achieve, however i need a professional to put it on a paper and submit to the government department. As expected there are few charlatans in the field which I would like to avoid.

3.How high can I build the house if building only G+1 with pitched roof.

I would appreciated if someone could point me in the right direction as I have no experience of building in Mauritius.

@SvDb1923 i built my own house at camp caval floréal first it was handled by a contractor but was so disappointed that i have to take over my self get my workers pay them weekly now moving in next week maybe you can do the same

Boundary wall - If you pay for boundary wall - it is yours. You only have to look after your side. I just had mine rendered & painted on my side & left the other side raw. The distance from your boundary lines & structures should be in your land purchase contract - eg, it may say building has to be 1m from boundary line. Fence goes on boundary line unless otherwise specified in contract. Your architect & contractor will advise you on specifications when he applies for building permit. For height - again check contract & run it by your architect/builder. My builder is also an architect - message me if you want his details.


i need to ask how close to my own boundary wall can i build stairs for the 2nd floor ?

according to mauritius act and laws ?

looking forward for a quick reply

@Fariha990   See above, it depends on your purchase contract. It should give you specifications. Generally it is at least a metre from boundary wall though - depending on area. Your architect should be able to guide you before submitting your plans.