Building a house

Does anyone have any idea of the REAL cost of building a house in Mauritius. I have got various quotes for a 10X10 metre home. Not sure if they are too expensive?? Any advice would be appreciated. I moved here about 3 months ago and don't want to get ripped off. I have family here but I am getting 10 different opinions, so really confused.

Hello Shirley,

I think that we members of the forum will only confuse you even more. I know the frustration and the hassle of getting those price right.

I would suggest that you do a background check on the professionals that submitted their quotes to you, perhaps ask for some referrals etc., houses, they've built, meet owners.

Best of luck,


Hi Shirley,

The price range on building a house is quite sparse depending on the builder, quality and materials you choose.

Bhavna is correct, you will need to do alot of research and the best thing in my experience is to get a referral from someone you trust who has worked with a builder. There are alot of "professionals" that will promise you the world and deliver nothing but problems. Be very careful with payments and setup a good payment plan with identifiable milestones.

As an idea of price you can refer to -

They are not the cheapest and not the most expensive.

Best of luck

@Bhavna Thanks. Have done this. Have got several quotes but rejected them because they do not have websites and some cannot even write proper English which would make communication very difficult.

@Tarsonus Thanks - cannot see link. Perhaps you could message it to me.

Hello Shirley,

The good thing for you is being here in Mauritius. The bad thing about building a house here is stress over stress. My house started to build at beginning of Feb, after realized that I've got ripped off, I changed to another building contractor. But up to now the roof of 1st floor is not even there yet. The new building contractor is originally from SA but raised here (he speaks English and Creole). I speak limited French and close to zero Creole. So someone who speaks perfect English is very important to me. He understands what I want but he is very expensive in my opinion. Message me if you would like to have a word with him for a quote.



@Pandora At Dodoland Thanks Pandora. Maybe I can help in creole. I have plenty of referrals from my dozens of family here - that is the problem lol they all say one mason/contractor is better than the other. At this stage, I think I am going to go with my architect who is also a contractor. He is educated, speaks creole/English and although a bit pricier than other quoters, understands that quality should not be sacrificed.


Hello Shirley

Me too. I have uncountable 2nd cousins here. Only one of them is genuinely wanted to help me. Unfortunately he do not have time and we are not living in the same side of the island.

For me, it is really a pricey experience. But I do learned a lot (painfully). If you like, we can share and exchange tips over private messages. Since I m not allowed to disclose the bad building contractor name here and how he cheated my money in this platform. And again I don't want another person go through what I have been going through.



Hello Shirley,

I might be of great help to you.

Being a Mauritian and know very well a lot about construction and related issues here.

I can guide you with your selection and also green building and saving costs.

I am in the northern part of the island, but work in the central part, at the University of Mauritius.

Feel free to get in touch, and if you are convinced, I am sure you will make a really nice dream come true experience with satisfaction and great saving.

Best regards,


Hello Shirley

wish to tell there many good masson, with good rendering finish but the dont have knowledge on PC to do their quote. these people are on site every day working for their own account.

any they do get job on references.

even some genuine small contractors working on competitve prices dont get work.

it is important to know Only a Quantity Surveyor can give you a detail cost of project and can do followup for payment of work as per progress of work achieve on site during construction. But here many client give work to people blind as got a reference from a person or friend they know

kind regards

@ Shirley1421971

Hi there Shirley.  Trust you are well.  May I ask please - how are you getting on with your quotes etc ?  Have you got anywhere with your prospective house building.  Would be nice to know the latest if you wish to let me/us know.

@ Pandora At Dodoland :  Hope you are well too and managing to get your issues sorted.

Regards to you both


hi you can contact hotline *** a tradesman platform please

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Hi Shirley

Fully understand your position.

We had quite a few quotes from different contractors.

Like you got very confusing.

We eventually found an amazing contractor! If you message me direct I may be able to help.

BTW he speaks English lol and is on Facebook also WhatsApp.

He built our 4 bedroom house and we live in the UK. It's not all horror stories but I can say we have been very fortunate.

I reside abroad and have had 2 holiday villas built.

Never had sleepless nights. The key is proper planning. Quite happy to answer any questions on PM.


I used a contractor called R*** who is based in Mont Ida. A three bedroom house cost 2,000000 rupees

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@Mathiue is that grey or did 2 million include everything - paint, electric, kitchen, water accessories

Loads of tricks in this trade. Contractors usually make easy money off your heads out of your naivety of lack of knowledge.

Best option: Get a handful of genuinely hardworking individual builders and you provide them with the material. 

Hi I absolutely agree with Sammythebull545!!!

I have just completed a 3 apartment build in Flic en Flac. I built the ground floor apartment 5 years using a two builders and I supplied Materials. I was also present for the build.

Forward on to November 2020, I flew back from the UK and applied for a permit to build two additional apartments above. I got the permit late February 2021. March I had to leave before the lockdown to the UK. I made the decision to take on a Contractor recommended by a family member and was shown that work and there home!

Price agreed, contract signed, 3 month completion date and we start the build (June). I had a family member there as a go between myself and the Contractor as I could not fly back (lockdown). Walls up, roof on after alot of delays (Contractor took on work elsewhere) but progressing (September).

Prices of Materials increased dramatically so I agreed an extra sum with the Contractor to allow for costs. October we start the Electrics.

The Contractor introduced me to his new Business Partner and told me everything will continue as agreed. I paid the Contractor at agreed stages of the build BUT he asked for his next payment early for personal reasons. All the work was to a very good level so I gave him SOME money too help.

November and only one person on site and he hasn't had any pay for weeks from the Contractor. The new Partner contacts me and asks for £7000. I ask why? His reply, he measured the building and it is bigger than what was agreed. I had a giggle and replied that we had agreed price size of the buildi d etc and all work was done to drawn plan! He said that the price given was a estimate according to how many sqm m the plan stated but the build was actually 12 sqm bigger.

After I told him I would take home to court he packed his tools and some of my. Materials and disappeared. I then took on a local builder and more or less finished this summer (UK) on budget!!

Only by a miracle will you build with a Contractor and your not PRESENT AT ALL TIMES within budget or even at all!!

I hope this helps...

I have yet to see an honest person there. Most are swindlers. They promise you the moon and give you pumpkin. I have issues with 2 of them. Since over 2 years I am struggling to get my money back from them. My attorney and lawyer are just like them: quick to ask to get paid but slow to get the job done or even report on the progress. You simply don't have any option than to live with your nightmare. I do not live in Mauritius any more ***

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For me Guys faulty is on you as client itself, 

  1. You never opt  service of consultant in your project. to manage your project.
  2. They would have draft a proper Contract on your behalf,
  3. They know rate of construction and  advice you why choose a Quotation below market rate
  4. Importance of QS Assess Claim and Progress of work, and recommend the exact amount to paid the contractor, time for complition,  impose a penatly clause if completion late, retention money incase of defects
  5. Consultant you do all administrative work for you. hussle free.



Hello everyone,

If you encounter any problem, you may get in touch with the CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board), they will provide guidance on how to choose a professional, what you need to discuss about and what can be done in case it doesn't go as discussed/planned :

@Sanjay Poheeth, It is not that simple ! People can not just go for any consultant to manage their project, they need reliable recommendations from people who have already used the services of these professionals.



I have since spoken to quite a few masons and contractor. I have also spoken to some expats and people who have been ripped off. At this point, I think the best way to go is with a family friend. There are 'local' rules most people follow. So if contractor is a family friend, they will not let you down because otherwise they let the whole family down and no-one in the family will use them or recommend them. I suggest you go and see their last two projects. Also, make sure you get full lists of what is included and what is not.

"See" their last two projects would not help you much in ascertaining how they managed the project. Thats the key. To get feedbacks from last two clients IS the way to go. Family friend, whatsover, ppl do not give ***

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@Devendran ****

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Hello everyone,

We are going off-topic now ! I would invite members to share useful information on the questions asked by the initiator.

Thank you,



I was wondering if anyone has found a trusted and affordable contractor to rely on to build a home in Mauritius besides relying on the internet which has a lot of companies but they are expensive too. Merci !

I have since found a really good builder who was a friend of the family. My house is almost finished. I am a high maintenance client haha but he has been great. I hope to move in next month.

Thanks to all of you above for your help. If you want to chat or advice on how it works or recommendation, private message me.


Hello sergenes,

Are you looking to build a house as well?

Do let us know how we can help you.


Yoginee team

@shirley1421971 , just to ask for the answer to your original question - did your project eventually cost within the per sq ft budget as described in the link provided?  Since the material prices can vary quite a bit, were you able to contain the costs?  Finally, did you find out whether costs vary based on location (i.e. city vs rural vs beachfront)?  Thank you.

@prospectorland yes - well within considering, my house would be more a premium turnkey project. I knew what my extra costs would be from beginning & I chose those things along the way. My price has not changed yet. I will have some extra luxury items to pay for once it is built. But, my builder will quote & do these separately. Costs don't really vary on location unless your builder & building people have to travel a long distance with materials each day.

@shirley1421971 Thank you @shirley1421971.  The building budget prices are different from developed countries - which I hope is attributed to lower labor costs.  Have you modeled the ROI in terms of resale value?  Does purchasing in a PDS vs as a permanent resident make a difference in the ROI?  Would it be possible for me to connect with you to discuss the pros and cons of building versus buying? 

@prospectorland I am Mauritian. I don't plan to sell it. I don't need advise on pros & cons of building versus buying.


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@shirley1421971 , I was looking for advice whether I should buy or build in Mauritius.  Is this something that you can help me with?  It's ok if you are not able.  Sorry for not being clearer.  Thanks.

@DonDanA Hi would it be possible to message me their details? We are Mauritian and Mauritian decent living in the UK and are looking to build on some land we have but really want to go with poeple who have used the contractors/builders first

Hello everyone,

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@shirley1421971  i would be most grateful if you pass me contact as we are in process pf getting quote , i am expat, my partner is mauritian


Hi so sorry for not responding sooner if you still need details happy to help.