Termination of lease

Hi what is the law in Mauritius regarding the early termination of a lease - I have been told its 3 months written notice either way from either the landlord or the tenant. Is this the law regarding an early termination of a lease?

@Lemmy1958  it is usaly 3 months notice at the end of the lease period early termination depends on the agreement in place which might allow for early termination with notice, but  could say you would have to pay up to the end of the lease term, some allow for a replacement tenant to be agreed by the landlord to avoid the extra cost

Would be worth checking the agreement

I think you should check your lease agreement.

@Lemmy1958 From my experience, the lease will specify the termination period required for landlord and tenant.

We rent a property that permits both parties to give each other written notice of termination of contract of not less than 90 days.  However, we were not permitted to give notice for the first 9 months. If we had, we would have been liable for the unpaid rent for the balance of the 9 months.

We also own an apartment that we rent out. That lease agreement permits both parties to give written notice of termination of not less than 30 days. However, no notice from either party can be given within the first 6 months of the lease.  We, as landlords, have allowed tenants to give 30 days notice within the 6 month period because the tenants found themselves in a position that they could no longer afford to rent the apartment. The law would have allowed us to insist that they pay the rent due for the period from the date of notice to the date of expiry of the 6-month period. We did not choose to do so.

So, while the lease may require 90 days notice, in practice  it all depends on the landlord.

Hope that helps.