Building a house in Mauritius in 2022

Dear all,

I'm aware there are supply shortages the world over on building supplies - has anyone had any experience building a house in Mauritius recently? It's something I plan on doing when I move out there later this year. I have citizenship by descent so it is possible to buy land and build. I'm looking at the West near Tamarin. Does anyone have any reliable contacts amongst contractors, builders and architects?

Thank you!




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Hello Anick,

I am in the process of building as well and  have pen down some contacts but don't know yet if these professionals are reliable. Will let you know in due time.

So far, I have a reliable architect and a draughtsman. I won't be needing a building contractor though (at least not for the whole building process).

In the mean time, you can check for professionals here … lders-2022

Hello Anick,

I'm pretty much like you, a descendant of a Mauritian. I'm currently building my house at Grand Gaube. I bought the land back in 2011. Just landed here a week ago. The construction started months ago. Since I did not get any help from my family here (they kept saying "why don't you blah blah blah?" but no help at all), I took a leap of faith, found someone from FB to build my house. Many hiccups, especially since I do not speak the language. But now I'm here, I hope no more delay.

I design the house myself. Got architectural approval and building permit through an engineer.  My boyfriend and I, we do the 3d interior and exterior for this building contractor. Yes, the cost of building is higher than my original plan. Fortunately, I come from Hong Kong, I bought some of the construction material from China (I don't know how much the tax for it yet but should be 15% for the tiles). The vessel also got delayed, should sail on 27 May.

If you like, we can stay connected to see how my house is going. You may want my building contractor to be yours as well. He is a good kid, just not well organized. But after my house is built, he should have better experience. His work is good, compared to the house is building next to mine.

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