Building on agricultural land

Hi all

I am interested in farming in Mauritius. What size dwelling (to live in) can I build on the land and does it vary depending on the size of the property?

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As a foreigner, you cannot buy land in Mauritius.

Land is only available on long term lease for big development projects after approval from the Prime Minister's Office.

Hi Winston. I am a Mauritian citizen, so no issues there.


You will first need to select a Property for your project and same should be at least 200 m from residential settlement and bad neighbour developments such as existing poultry farms icw biosecurity risks.
To put a dwelling over an agricultural property, you will require a Land Cinversion Permit, however if there is no provision for amenities, electricity and domestic water supply at acceptable distance, it will be refused.
Otherwise, years ago Mauritius would have been covrred with scattered farms all over. Same in not the case.