Agency fees for rentals

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Can someone explain this following paragraph which appears in most property rental adverts.

“Close to our clients, in view of the current economic crisis striking, we have decided to apply an agency fee of 50% of the rental amount (+ VAT)”

Is this fee only for 1 month total and has it always been in place but been reduced from a higher fee (due to covid)? Or is it a new fee?
Many thanks.

I believe it means the agency fee! As a Greek myself.


I came across the same paragraph.  Usually the agency fee is one month rental plus tax. Due to covid they reduced the fee 50%. That means you pay only one half of the monthly rental price plus tax to the agent one time.
There are lots of rentals but not enough tenants at the moment.

Hope that helps.
Kind regards, Sandra

Hi Sandra  From my homework I have found when renting a house you are expected to pay one or two months deposit, a months rent to the agent in fees and the first months rent up front.  So reading above it sounds like the agent is offering a discount on his/her fees.  Natasha

And they also charge the owner one months rental as fees and if you renew after 12 months, yipee here we go again.

This ridiculous 😒,  they charge twice?
Mamma Mia!

Wow that could get costly! I get doing it once, paperwork, checks etc, but to do it again on a contract renewal, just doesn't seem fair!?
I assume it would only be the rentor charged again on renewing and not the homeowners too?

Dear ALL

Though not really of direct interest to me, I wish to intervene on this topic, as the post of Whitesharkbait to the effect « And they also charge the owner one month's rental as fees and if you renew after 12 months, yipee here we go again. »

The established practice is the Agent charges both the owner and the Client a one month's rental when the deal is made.

The renewal and the terms attached thereto are strictly between the Owner and the Tenant.

In the event you were made to pay, once again, on a renewal is most shameful and dishonest, and if Julien allows, Agencies/Agents having recourse to such dishonest practice should be named on the Forum, as this tarnishes the reputation of the whole local community.

Kind regards


Vayid thanks for clearing that issue up. 
I suppose, like anywhere in the world, use your common sense, if it doesn't sound right ask someone else, get a contract in writing for proper review, act with honesty and integrity.  If in doubt walk away and keep your money.

Louise: Thank you for bringing this up. They could have made it clearer. 
"Reduced"  our fees would have been more appropriate.

Vayid: Thanks very much for clarifying. 

Kind Regards to you both.


I agree with your understanding.

I am Ish Beessessur from Amro Properties.
To clearly understand the procedures for rentals in Mauritius, let me start by giving an example.
Say the rent per month of a villa is MUR:30,000.  The tenant will be asked to provide a security deposit of the same amount together with the one month of rental. The normal agency fee is also the same amount, that is: MUR. 30,000 and paid only once at the start of the contract.  Therefore, the costs of renting for the first month will 3 times the monthly rental, which is  MUR.90,000.  The security deposit is interest free and is refundable on reaching the full term of the rent agreement.
Now due to COVID-19 prevailing situations, certain agents are asking a commission of 50% of the monthly rental, that is: MUR15,000 for the 1st month.
Most agents still maintain the 1 month rental commission, as they are also facing same hardship situations for maintaining their businesses.

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I hope government steps in and regularises the whole market. The amount of crook agencies in Mauritius is astounding with no one to answer to.

People new to the island are taken for granted by some agencies not all though and leaves negative opinion of the beautiful island.

Dear MaisonMaurice

You are perfectly right.

I believe there was some timid initiatives by the authority in 2016 towards regularising the Estate Agency Sector. Since then nothing.

The right term, though, would be crook pseudo-Estate Agencies and Estate Agents with no professional ethics.

Definitely, such illegal players are quite detrimental to the image of the country as a whole.

Try to rent from the owners directly. Most estate agents in Mauritius don't really care about you and all they want is their commission.

I agree with a lot of the sentiment expressed about this issue, having recently rented prior to purchasing the experience leaves a lot to be desired with unscrupulous so called agents feathering their nest so to speak during Covid. Lies, misinformation and zero service seem to be the norm so I would advise anyone considering renting to try go direct.

I agree with you Ish