Barnes Estate agents + Patrice Avrillon Notary

Hello beautiful people

I'm about to buy my 1st property in Grand Baie and am buying it through Barnes International Estate agents and a local developer that is using Patrice Avrillon as their notary and Escrow account.

Have any of you used either and if so, could you share your experience with me?

I need to know that they are "trustworthy" and are efficient in their dealings where possible.

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Thank you!

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Hi Spilly
Firstly congrats on buying your first property here!
I used Etude Patrice Avrillon back in 2012 when I purchased a plot of land in Riviere Noire. This was on recommendation from my real estate agent at the time. I can only say that the service I received was exemplary, with the highest degree of professionalism. Based on my experience, I would, without question recommend them.
Good luck with the purchase and all the exciting things that will follow!

Thank you so much!

Hows life in MUR?

Really good. Hope it'll be the same for you.

Patrice D'avrillon is amongst the best Notaries in Mauritius , very professional . You can rest assured that that your money is in good hands and the property you are buying will indeed be registered property .
As for buying property through agents ... well ... that's another story ...
If you have lots of money to waste ... then please do use the services of agents ... and pay them 2% of commission ...
Mauritius being a very small country , you can easily find properties directly listed by genuine owners , where you can easily negotiate a good deal and some appreciable discount .
What you must understand , is that , in Mauritius , agents don't work for your best interest . Thay work for their 2% commission . None of them have any sort of qualifications !

Be careful my friend .

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