Treat as urgent.

Please... I want to sell my new house.  Financial crisis. Urgent need. PLEASE. someone respond

First - NEVER tell anyone you're desperate to sell unless you want a queue of greedy estate agents trying to be the first to rip you off.

Advertise in as many local papers and where ever else allows advertising (Including your ad in "Housing" on this forum) but stay cool, explaining you'd prefer a quick sale but you're NEVER desperate.

very true. kindly let me know where is the house yu want to sell. plz give basic description.

Hi Ruben,

you should post an ad (with pictures) in the housing section.

Hope this will help a bit,


Thank you bro.

Hello mokshda. Thanks for this response. The house is at Rose Belle , Mauritius. 3000 feet square.  8 perches. 3 rooms. 1 master bed room. I large lobby. Open balcony. 2 sluice rooms. Dining, kitchen, salon with an external kitchen. Garage. Fully gated.  Non polluted zone with fresh air.

HEllo can you send me details about your house and the location, surface and price please

Dear Joanna140690,

Foreigners can't buy such properties, unless it's a PDS, RES, IRS.

You can buy a flat in a building with Ground + 2 floors atleast and minimum price is Rs6M.


Hello Joanna.  I already send you the details via a message.  Hope you received it. IN CASE YOU DIDN'T RECEIVE THE MESSAGE...please (humble request), send me a mail. I will reply back and send you the details again. My email address is   ***

Regards---- Ruben Moons.

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Hi, can i have more details about the house?

pls provide pricing thanks.

7 millions  MUR

Have you sold it Ruben

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Do you have any photos?

Hello everyone,

Ruben has an advert in the housing section, please contact him through his advert : … house.html

All the best,

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