Living close to a river in Tamarin

I am planning to buy a house in Tamarin close to a small river. I would like to know if there are a lot more mosquitoes and other insects in that region in the evening. The reason for this question is that I would like to make the most of my swimming pool and garden and I am wondering if I will not be invaded by insects :)
Maybe somebody living close to a river in Mauritius can share his experience. Thank you :)

HI Micheline, I lived in Tamarin for 15 years and can tell you there are a lot of mosquitoes especially near rivers.  I recommend choosing a place high up more central where it is cooler....there you won't see any.***

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Do most of the  property management companies not spray for mosquitoes?

Hi. I have recently moved to a house on the river in Tamarin. So far the mosquitos are easily tolerable but I have been told by neighbours that come November/December there are lots of mosquitos and they dont even go outside unless their yards have been bug sprayed first.

You don't have to live by a river in many parts of Mauritius to get Mosquitos. 
The simple thing is in many areas any piece of ground that is not in a field and has not been built often becomes a fly-tipping spot.  These are usually in villages where people have originally bough pieces of land for investment but never built on them.  Old tires and other things start to get dumped and soon there is a perfect wet environment for the MOSTIK.  The government should enforce and trace land owners to ensure that they keep their piece of land free of rubbish and as such reduce the number of places for MOSQUITOES.  Another place is they like is the roadside ditches that again get silted up and rubbish dumped in them so that water does not properly run away after rain and becomes a stagnant pool which is heaven for mosquitoes.  Again get the local councils and village bounces to make regular checks that water in these ditches can flow freely and where required fix any blockages or broken parts.

Mosquitos are not a big deal and they mostly attack newcomers with soft untanned skin. After a while, they leave alone. You should make a small investment in a fan that blows under the table so you can sit outside without having to put chemical lotions on your legs.

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