Mauritan Spouse can buy a land in Mauritius?

Dear All
After going trough very thought period in Mauritius , I decided to not give up and return to my country as this will be a failure. Now I want to do a project on  agricultural land.
I want to plant some of my countries specialities and  vegetables and transform them for selling here in Mauritius and abroad.
I would like to buy an agricultural land here in Mauritius. can you help me to know if   a Mauritian Spouse  is allowed to purchase a normal land? or can it be  combined with  both name husband and wife?
Is it allowed to build partially on an Agricultural land?
please let me know the possibilities
thanking you in advance

Don't forget that you would need to get the types of vegetables and plants approved by the government .  Plants can carry plant diseases and could cause damage to existing plants etc.  If you remember when you arrive in Mauritius you had to declare that you are not bringing any plants into the country. There is a reason for this of course.

The plant already exist here in Mauritius.  It called manioc. Cassava leaves etc... but am I allowed to buy an agricultural land?


The land, if purchased will be under your husband's name.

Regarding building on agricultural far as I know, you will have to obtain a land conversion permit from the Ministry of Agro-Industry first. There is a conversion fee and tax to be paid.

Even if the plant species exists in Mauritius I think still you cannot just bring in the same type of plants from another country . I know you cannot bring sugar cane plants through the airport so maybe other plants are the same .  It would be best to check first otherwise setting up a business might not be so easy if you don't have import clearance for plants

I'm not going to bring any plant. I will use the same available here.

Thank you


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