Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

1openmind...If over 50 and applying to Sarawak.

You would have to submit a different application than the Peninsular MM2H. One can't transfer acceptance from one to the other. Thus you would be applying under the new Sarawak rules.

Sarawak (as of 1 September) for over 50 (couple) application has increased their FD from RM150K to RM300K ($75K). If however you could qualify under their income/pension provision that has stayed the same (RM10,000/month).  I assume that you were able to demonstrate this on your Peninsular application so that would be the option you might look into.  In Sarawak it's EITHER the FD OR Pension/Income....not "AND". Thus more flexibility.

Schools are cheaper and the international and some Chinese vernacular schools used the Cambridge qualifying standards. There is current talk about opening up about half a dozen other State schools using the Cambridge curriculum. Where they will get qualified teachers is yet unknown? The'll have to allow lots of expats in my view.

Of course you'll also have to fulfill the other provisions...1) either a Sarawakian sponsor or agent, 2) Health Checks and Insurance for all members of the family, 3) Letter of Good Conduct (principal only), 4) Fifteen days a year in Sarawak in order to renew.

As you are over 50 there is no property purchase requirement. You can rent. Or live in the Peninsula. Or even out of the country (provided you visit annually -IF you want renewal).

Ten year visa will be awarded for self and spouse...children in school will have to get a Student Visa (annual). If not in school in Sarawak they will be a dependent on the MM2H...they are now allowing unmarried children up to 21 to be dependents, as can parents (I suspect only of the principal applicant).


Yes I know SMM2h and MM2H are not compatible.
If they raise the FD to 300k MR for the main. I won't even bother finishing it. I'll just wait and apply for the Sarawak mm2h. Don't know if older applications approved in 2019 will be under the old FD rules or the new ones? If they grandfather us in I'll complete the main MM2h. See how that goes then visit Sarawak and see what that's like.
My agent has no idea what they are going to do.


Hello @all,

I just checked the official announcements on the official gov website for mm2h ( … &id=17) and found in one of the September entries:

3. During the suspension, MOTAC is unable to process any new
applications including applications that have already been
submitted. This is because the processing of MM2H applications
involves various Ministries and Agencies which roles are also affected
by the suspension.

4. Therefore, foreigners who are still interested to participate in the
MM2H Program are welcomed to reapply once the MM2H Program
is reactivated but must abide to the current requirements. Apart
from that, foreigners are advised to pursue other visa offered by the
Immigration Department Malaysia which ever deem appropriate.

Do you share my understanding of the above statements that although I already submitted the application (including all the paper documents) end of last year, I will have to reapply next year, meaning to regenerate all the notarizations and certification of copies again?

That's sure what it sounds like it.
What about past approvals that didn't finalize it do to closing the border? I had 2 trips to finalize it and had to cancel both. But i am already approved
. They dragged their feet took 11 months to get approval. File in Jan. 2019

I read it that way as well. Some agents are telling people to wait and they'll resubmit. But it would, I think require new proofs of income and other documents updated like Proof of Good Behaviour. And whatever the new requirements are (any increases in fees or amounts of assets) would have to reached. Technically, unless you had been approved, then you have no application before the Immigration Ministry which would allow one to apply to another Visa Program (e.g. Professional or Expert Visa, Guardian Visa, etc.)

1openmind wrote:

That's sure what it sounds like it.
What about past approvals that didn't finalize it do to closing the border? I had 2 trips to finalize it and had to cancel both. But i am already approved
. They dragged their feet took 11 months to get approval. File in Jan. 2019

For your case they have issued an own announcement in September ( … &id=17). Here the main part:

2. However, due to the current travel restriction imposed by the Government of
Malaysia, foreigners of certain categories are still not allowed to enter Malaysia
during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period. This restriction also applies
to the approved applicant of MM2H Program. Therefore, Immigration
Department of Malaysia has decided to give extension to the Conditional
Approval Letter for a period of three (3) months.

3. The request for an extension can be made within three (3) months after
Government of Malaysia ended the MCO and after the border are reopened
to foreigner. The approved applicant/sponsor is required to submit the request
for the extension of the Conditional Approval Letter to MM2H Unit, Visa, Pass
and Permit Division, Immigration Department of Malaysia. The required
documents are as follows:
i. Letter of Intent;
ii. A copy of Conditional Approval Letter; and
iii. A copy of Passport Particular Page

Oh that's great and that's what my agent said just wait to file for the extension. My biggest concern is will they keep the rules the same as when I applied example FD 150k? Hoping they do.

Does anyone have experience in forcing a rejection of your application for Mm2H? My issue is that I now have little interest in participating and want to get rejected and get my deposit back from my agent. I have not been rejected in the latest round of purges. I have no issue if the agent takes their small fee, but I want the bulk of it back. Can you just pester the government to reject you? and you ask to be rejected?

I doubt the agent will refund any money. Did you pay it all up front? He'll claim they did all the work when they filed the forms. I wouldn't count on getting anything back.
If you had a contract or email that says other wise that would be a big help.
I don't think they will reject an application unless they find something amiss. You might be able to withdraw it, but that won't help recover your fee paid. Keep us posted.

My agreement says that if I'm rejected, I get most my money back less some out of pocket. Only paid 50% of total fee up front. I'm living in Taiwan now and just want some extra cash for beer money.

Don't use the term "withdrawal" as the staff may think you want to "withdraw" some money from your Fixed Deposit.

Use the Term "Termination".

You are allowed to terminate prior to payment of fees and endorsement. Here's how to terminate your application. … &id=12

A plea from the real estate industry: Insight - Driving home a message on MM2H

Besides attracting residents from countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, China and other developed countries, the Tourism Ministry and the Immigration Office must gear up the programme in order to attract good quality foreigners.

The government should take this opportunity to expedite and finalise the enhanced programme of MM2H by engaging all parties concerned, including state authorities in lowering the threshold residential price and making the MM2H programme as part of the post-Covid economic recovery plan.

Any prolonged delay and silence on the MM2H programme will definitely affect the image of Malaysia as the ideal destination for retirement.

This article is contributed by Fiabci Malaysia, a real estate federation.

Great article, but will it help the MM2H program?

As an already approved MM2H individual staying in Malaysia for 7 years, I would like to express my concern to all of those who are still waiting or hoping that the Mm2H program and applications will be reopened soon.

Guys think twice or trice before you apply for such program. Imagine how appealing they make it look, lot of advantages, nice lifestyle and huge tax savings compared to your own COLD country.

Ok Imagine you get approved and you make the move. You have to place a fix deposit of several thousands RM which you cannot touch for the rest of your life, you will rent or buy a house, fill it with nice stuff that you buy in Malaysia,  pay a fix internet membership, may be cable TV, you will eventually get a car, pay the road tax and insurance.

Now imagine there is a pandemic. For serious reasons you had to fly out from Malaysia. After that necessary trip you now apply to come back to your SOLE home, may be where you have left your family.

REJECTED.  Your visa still has got 9 years to go and your bank account in Malaysia is still with the mandatory fix deposits, but still they do not allow you to return. Why? Because you are from one of the 23 banned Countries with high COVID total infections.

When landing in Malaysia, you would  be undergoing at least 4 swap test and 14 days quarantine in an hotel at your complete full cost, when you come out you would be absolutely COVID free, but still they won't allow you to get back home.

On the contrary, a person from Belgium or Czech republic would be allowed to enter when the incidence of infections in those countries is almost 4.000 cases per 100.000. At the same time a person from Italy or Germany with an incidence between 700 and 1250 cases per 100.000 would be rejected in the name of the 23 high risk country list. A guy from Belgium has roughly 4 times more chances to be infected than the other two, but still he will be allowed to re-join the family, live in his flat and use the car. You, NOT.

Would you spare a CENT of trust into a country which allures you with great promises and at the first excuse let you down in your troubles?  All what you left at home will eventually get mold, rust and damaged, if you do not have any partner living in. You can forget about your wardrobe cottons (due to high humidity and need of continuous ventilation). You have to hope pests did not invade the flat. The car most likely will not start anymore, and the tires are for sure to replace. You keep paying all fix costs for not being able to enjoy anything.

I have humbly contacted and asked TM UNIFI (internet provider) TO please allow me suspend the membership and payments until i return and their answer was I can apply for it but i must do it in person at one of their physical sell points. Seemed like a joke.

Please note that I am not accusing any nationality here, the ones i picked are only as a pure example to explain the numbers. I am absolutely fine that Belgians are free to return to Malaysia, what i am pointing out here is that to move all your life to another country, first you should at least be sure that they will always let you in, don't you think it is important?

1) Generally they encourage people to get their new passports about six months before they expire (as for entry Malaysia requires 6 months to be on the passport). The visa transfer requires new and old passport and actually takes about 24 hours.

Because of the pandemic you will need to make an appointment.

2) Technically you can only be a dependent on your parents MM2H visa until age 21 (or until married if over 18).

I would be really surprised if your visa has the same expiration date as your parents. Assuming you got it in 2014 when you were about 18 they should have only awarded a three year visa term (until age 21). Take a look at the expiration date. You may have gotten lucky but I doubt they will make the same mistake again.

So as an adult you can no longer be a "dependent" minor...and it's back to getting three month tourist visas again.

Hi Linda,

Good Morning.
It's fast and easy.
First of all, make appointment with doctors.
Then on the day and time you reached there, it take less than 20-25 mins to settle all test.
For a full report, mainly take ur blood, urine and x-ray. very fast. no worry.

Hi Jessica,

Were you responding to someone on another thread? Also look at the date...some questions may be several years old.

BTW you do have to wait for the test results and X-Rays and go back to the doctor to pick up the results...and in Sarawak the Poliklinik on Jl. Masjid (ATAS) has to confirm the results. Some people do it all there, others prefer a private clinic.

Hi Everyone
Is it that the Mm2h applicants would receive an email from Mm2h about returning your application? I applied MM2H on August 2019. But I still received no update about my application. I just hope to have an official reply on whether my application is approved or rejected

I would contact then directly as many of the applications submitted around that date were indeed approved. But it would be close. If you had an agent the agent would know. Some individuals who received approval will be allowed to extend their final provisions (health check, payment of fees) for a few months after the MCO terminates...but again you must contact the MM2H HQ.

I would read September 2020 Notification on Extension of the Conditional Letter of Approval Extension this and contact the associated email address as to what to do. … &id=17

Thank you cinnamonape.
I did send an email to motac and they replied me this time. I asked them what the result of my application was. They said my application has been approved and asked me to check with immi mm2h unit for the issuance of approval letter. I was really happy for it and hope I will get the approval letter finally.

Happy for you my friend.
What email did you use? ?
I will ask myself

Yes. That the email address i sent
Hope you got good news too

Congratulations Geely,
Any news is hard to come by about MM2H during the last few months...I'm glad your news was good  :thanks:

Has anyone heard anything of late about the MM2H review that is supposed to be completed in Dec (2020)...surely there is an obligation for the government to release a statement?

sorry to said, but it has been put on hold for MM2H.

Hi - yeah correct the program has been suspended.

But the government mentioned that they were reviewing the MM2H program earlier in 2020 and that in Dec they would be releasing their findings of their review into the program and also possibly new requirements.

Some agents said mm2h may restart March 2021. If so, there will be new application requirements announced during next couple months

However, I am afraid this is just a trick that agents trying to deceive their clients in order to delay repaying their application deposits

And it seems that it is not enough time for them to review the whole programme. They used to take over half a year to approve a mm2h application. I guess they may need years to have a thorough review on the mm2h programme.

Yeah....your probably right!  Nothing moves fast in MY unfortunately.

I actually heard from my agent from there (one of the big boys) and they said to perhaps get ready to possibly come soon if the window opens up.  I was excited at first since my work is less busy in the first Q so I could do it but thinking about it, I would like to be vaccinated first.... what to do????

Get vaccinated first much safer, less to worry about and no Quarantine!

VWC wrote:

I actually heard from my agent from there (one of the big boys) and they said to perhaps get ready to possibly come soon if the window opens up.  I was excited at first since my work is less busy in the first Q so I could do it but thinking about it, I would like to be vaccinated first.... what to do????

How do you enter the country with the borders closed?

Apparently Nancy Shukri has recently told the MM2H Agents Association that the New program "may" begin again in March, with announcement of the provisions of the new program "perhaps next month". It will continue under the Ministry of Tourism. The agents emphasized that many of the agents are going bankrupt and that a March startup would mean that many agents would go bankrupt.

In addition the Agents were supposed to return the deposits to all outstanding applications. But the Agents said they already spent the money.

Be interesting to see the changes and the impact it will have on the program.  I wonder if it will change the RM10K monthly income requirement and fixed deposit amount?  i hope they also find a way to streamline the process and turnaround for applications...

Don't count on it improving.

In Sarawak they were talking all year about how their reforms would make the program "more attractive with less red tape". It turned out that they doubled the fixed deposit, required insurance, nearly doubled the base price on property purchases, and added all sorts of additional requirements...and the kept the onerous sponsorship requirement.

The big catchword seems to be "high quality tourists". They ignore the fact that anyone on MM2H, if they reside longterm in the country, brings in about 50 times/year what a short term tourist would (a couple 100 times). And that doesn't even include the ridiculous Fixed Deposit* that does very little for local economies.

So over a period of a decade that single couple visa would generate 1000 times what a single tourist generates. It's a huge benefit for  the Malaysian economy with very little promotional and overhead cost. And MM2H recipients are, I suspect, likely to produce fewer problems than short term tourists, beg packers, those entering on tourist visas looking for work, etc. They are more intensely vetted. They aren't coming to Malaysia to indulge in drunken beach orgies.

*The Fixed Deposit actually may inhibit spending as it must be maintained except for particular types of withdrawals. That means the recipient must economise rather than use their FD for rent, dining, domestic tourism, etc. And once the end of a MM2H stay approaches they will withdraw the FD, with interest, and it leaves the country. Would it not be better if it was spent in Malaysia?

The sole purpose I can see is that the government Treasury may benefit from the foreign currency balance that FD's produce....but that would be true if the FD could be used for any local product or service.

Agree...I've worked across Asia for the past 15 years (10 of those in MY under the resident pass) and am amazed how backward MY is compared to other countries in enticing people to relocate like you said...the cumulative effect is much greater than the short term gain for government.  If they do in fact double the FD as rumors suggest, while maintaining the monthly income (offshore) requirement this will become a huge barrier to many I expect.

1openmind wrote:

Get vaccinated first much safer, less to worry about and no Quarantine!

Yeah, at the end of the day (as long as I am not penalized and can do it later in 2021 or even 2022) I will just hold off until the world is mostly vaccinated.

It will be interesting to see what the government comes up for the "new" rules of MM2H.  I get it, you don't necessarily want to make it way easier so that a ton of foreigners come in and overrun the place.  On the other hand, you see so many empty condo complexes there that no one locally can afford, and yet they keep building.

Perhaps just wishful thinking, but what I would want to see in the rules is something that addresses the recent barring of the expats from returning to their home in Malaysia in the face of the pandemic crisis.  These folks should have been simply quarantined and checked out before released into the country.  That is not asking for much at all.  Program integrity and fairness are important if you want folks to invest their retirement dollars in your country long term.  Let's be honest, folks do have alternative places to go to at the end of the day.

Exactly they should of allowed mm2h people to return even if they had to quarantine for a bit. I don't why if you get tested when you arrive then again 4 days later why you would need to qt. For 14 days anyway? How ridiculous.
Very backwards.

I think we'll see a massive change in how Expats finance their lifestyles in foreign countries now.

I know several people stranded out of the country & can't get back even though they've married people, have families, bought property, started businesses, employed people means NOTHING if your not a citizen of that country in most cases.    Foreign engineers working for multi nationals are ahead of you in the pecking order of who gets in.

Luckily for me.....I'm where I want to be .   I would never buy immovable assets in a country I wasn't a citizen of.   Property leases are cheap as chips in SE Asia & I wouldn't be dropping 40/59k$ on Visa bonds with banks & then be stuck outside the country.

There are old men back in their home countries that may not get back to their SE Asian abodes for possibly years.......who knows how long this will go on.   They have money in banks, house , small business , car etc ....and can't touch it.

With strict health regulations coming may be impossible for them to get given their ages.   Also,,these “fit to fly” certificates now needed would likely rule a lot of them out since they're in poor health anyway.     Travellers never required those before.     But now countries do not want sick frail people landing on their shores without the financial means to support their issues.

I think we'll see changes in how expat retirees & others look at the way they structure their lives in another country.

1openmind wrote:

I don't why if you get tested when you arrive then again 4 days later why you would need to qt. For 14 days anyway? How ridiculous.
Very backwards.

The test does not guarantee that one is not infected. Incubation times for Covid are believed to run about 5-6 days (50%)  to three weeks. Yes, some show symptoms in a few days, others have stealth infections. Some cases manifest only after three weeks.

So let's say that you are exposed and catch Covid a few days before you arrive in Malaysia. The first test (Day 3 of the infection cycle; Day 1 of QT) will not always catch it. The second on (Day 7 after exposure; Day 4 of QT) may also not detect it. Some evidence shows that 99% of infections are detectable by Day 14 of quarantine. But 98% are detectable by Day 10 of a quarantine. But the Day 9 tests have shown that only 95% of the infections  will have manifested by that day. The difference is minimal between 14 and 10 Days (but not Day 9) which is why the reduced the length of supervised quarantine, and allowed home quarantine for the final 4 days.

As well the tests used by Peninsular Malaysia seem to have a lot of false negatives. Sarawak retests passengers that have been tested negative already at KLIA. They find that many individuals test Negative at KLIA and positive using a two sinus swab Rt-PCR test at Kuching International Airport. A second test shows positive and the person is hospitalised (not simply QT).