RPT Application , Taking too long..

I have submitted my RPT application in last week of August (2022),  Its already 1 month and 20 days ,   did not receive any feedback ,  Status remains same (in progress). 

I called and message to RPT helpdesk ,  But they said depending on officers , sometime they take longer time to give the result.

Does anyone else submitted the application recently ,,    or If you guys have any experience in recent past ,  how long they are taking to accept or reject the application  ,   or why its taking so long .?

@Sanaullah102 hello bro can i know you from where? Did RPT you apply at Malaysia?

@onyxpaint8888  yes,  RPT  Refers Residence Pass-Talent Malaysia

Engage the services of an Agent. He/she will keep chasing Talent Corp  and you will get your approval in no time.  But if you are not in a hurry, then that's not an issue

For me took 3months and my application was rejected without any reason. I had all documents listed in the website but this was their reply :

Talent Corp Malaysia Reply in response to me when I asked why my application is rejected:

"Please be informed that the application which meets the eligibility criteria may apply for the RP-T. However, as mentioned, the decision will be made by the RP-T Panel. "

And I didn't get any meaningful full answer when I asked them RP-T Panel decision is based on what criteria. Isnt it based on the documents you officially asked in your website? and here was the answer:

"The panel had decided that your application just meets the eligibility criteria, thus, you are advised to remain on Employment Pass."

I can think of 2 reasons myself though...

1 - I'm Iranian and my nationality may be a reason as we have other problems with opening bank accounts, etc in Malaysia as well due to US sanctions. ( And interesting thing is that this restriction is just in Malaysia and not even in the US )

2 - I chased them a lot as they had delays in all stages and they didn't honour their own timing and their meeting for their panel was postponed and postponed again.

So based on my second point just a suggestion: don't chase too much bro ( I emailed them every 1 or 2 weeks after  their delay that It may be too much)

Engage the services of an Agent. He/she will keep chasing Talent Corp and you will get your approval in no time. But if you are not in a hurry, then that's not an issue
-@Peter Chong

TalentCorp does not entertain agents, so that won't get you anywhere.

I think majority of the RP application are getting rejected nowadays irrespective of your country of Origin/Salary or no matter what.

@Omid Mohajerani major rejection reasons in my experience

1 - Working for a company that does HAVE long investment history in Key economic sectors or areas identified by Malaysian Govt, mostly MNCs or fortune 500 employees have a higher chance of at least companies who are on a fast track for RPT and have sizeable employment offerings and FDI in Malaysia and working closely on many levels with government bodies. Being on the job at the time of application is important and living in Malaysia throughout the process of the RPT application is mandatory. As I have mentioned an MNC or reputed firm which is working in the identified sector with a massive workforce i.e local + expat mix with quota has more chances than smaller firms who hire skilled expats as the chance for knowledge transfer and skilling up workforce is limited in smaller companies so very hard to get RPT approvals.

2 - Individuals should have an impactful resume highlighting their skills which are of advantage to the Malaysian identified sector and recognized contribution to Malaysia skill building, and impact on the economics of specially identified sectors. OR you have special talents which can help Malaysia in a present and future state - transfer of knowledge, skills, and developing skilled labor as a corporate social responsibility to Malaysia helps, please make sure you have recorded those through documents, certificates, testimonials/recognition letters, etc. It is for high-achieving individuals and the only way to show this is with your resume and testimonials signed by GM+ level stakeholders which you are seeing as high growth and achiever within your career in your most recent employments (5 years or less).

3 - Individuals should not apply as soon as they hit the minimum qualification i.e work experience and salary brackets needed. You should at least have 1-2 EA forms with a 15K+ salary to make your case strong. while assessment of the application, the employer issues a NOC as well so your current employer should be aware of the application you are making, and when the RPT team emails or call them for a NOC letter they should provide otherwise it's an auto rejection as well. this NOC is a part of the document submitted however RPT team in my opinion verifies this.

4 - Recognition and Testimonials of your contribution, work into Malaysia's economic / identified sectors by Govt, State, or other recognized bodies, at least 1-2 attached in the application. Your contribution cover which is input on the 1st page of your application has to be summarized to cover your past, current and future plans on how you will be a talent to keep in Malaysia and how will you help those around you with your skills.

5 - All documents should be true and correct, names, and dates, and especially not misrepresented in any way - you should upload all passports/visa stickers of your duration of stay in Malaysia even shortened passes due to passport changes or expiry, etc, you should have also paid and have abided by most tax/income laws and contributions, etc.

In the end remember - your CV, your cover letter and your achievements/contribution to Malaysia summary in your application page has to be top-notch, summarized to the point, and attractive to reviewers as these 3 things will define your chances in front of the Panel of C level executives @ talent corp who will approve or reject your application as a High Achieving Individual with talent to retain in Malaysia (employer free sponsorship by Talent Corp). There is a reason why to the date of its birth under 10 thousand applicants got approval and most got rejected.

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@Omid Mohajerani

have u made an appeal?

I would also like to add that the RM 15K threshold is not just applied to the current salary, but also to the two years prior to the RP-T application. Basically, the two years of tax slips that need to be submitted for the RP-T application, the declared income in those should be at least RM 180K (15K x 12). This is a hidden requirement that's not explicitly mentioned anywhere. A kind lady at TalentCorp told me that my very first application was rejected due to this very reason. I eventually filed an appeal after I met this condition and got my RP-T approved. I am a software developer and my salary at the time was RM 18K per month.

Another important thing to note is that the primary recommendation letter needs to be on the company's letterhead and needs to be signed by one of the directors.

@Sanaullah102 TalentCorp's charter is a joke because they have setup the process in a way that makes it impossible to meet it. If the application has any issues, they'll catch the first issue/mistake and return the application. This resets the 21 working days charter. You then fix the thing and submit it again. At this point, your application will either go through, or they'll catch another mistake in your application and return it again. Another 21 days after you resubmit the application. Realistically speaking, it takes anywhere from 3-6 months to get a final decision from TalentCorp. My application took around 7 months because TalentCorp managed to misplace my docs. This is before their current application system was implemented. It took literally 70 emails and escalations to the top management to eventually bring my application on track.

@Omid Mohajerani  I know one agent regarding this matter , he did it for two of my friends

Ya, you should engaging an agent

@garywhw Hi Gary,

can you help me with the contact of the agent @***

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@onlypraveena Hi Praveena,

can you help me with the agent contact who can process the request. ***



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Already in with more than 3 months of successful document submission. Awaiting that final meeting to happen.


HI @onlypraveena could you send the agent contact.

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I am looking at renewing my RPT soon. given the current situation, want to explore engaging an agent.

will appreciate if you can share the agents contact.



Can you let me know what we're the documents attached?


Can you let me know what documents you had aattached

@susmayi2798. List of documents is already specified in the RPT website. Just follow those instructions as they are very clear requirements for docs specified already. Also , i would avoid agents , all they probably do is gather all the docs from us and apply on behalf of us on the talentcorp wesbite.