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Hello Forum, I was told by a friend that we could move to Malaysia, enroll the kids into school and apply for guardian visa for the parents.
We've got 3 kids aged 8,6,3.5, please advise if we will both get the guardian visa or only one?
We are flying in on the 13th August and my friend tells me today that only the mother will be allowed for the guardian visa 🙄
Thank in advance

never heard of it,,,

You need to show considerable amount of offshore income to get that sort of visa and you cant work in Malaysia with that visa (there are hardly any jobs here any more anyway for foreigners). Yes, there is only need for one Guardian in visa terms.

So do bring all your paperwork showing your monthly income. You will need proof of it from your employer as well as providing bank statements. You will need all sorts of other paperwork including examination certificates, work exprience documents. Degrees, etc. etc. A CV showing your career.

You have to enrol your kids in international or private schools (no local government education is given to foreigners).  That means the education alone will probably cost you RM2000 per month per child.  You will need about RM10,000 per month to live in Malaysia and NO POSSIBILITY to get work with that visa.

The school gives you a letter saying you have enrolled your child/ren and then you apply for a Student Visa for each of them.  Usually one parent only is given a guardian visa. The other parent is usually expected to be working somewhere other than Malaysia to provide the monthly income required to support the family.

This is not the way to migrate to Malaysia. If you are over 55 there is the Malaysia My Second Home Visa. But for that you have to show liquid assets of RM350,000 and a monthly income.

Can a 24 years boy apply for guardian visa for his father?

I have a better choice for the kids and both of the parents...

The guardian visa is for the parent of a child that is studying in Malaysia.  As the name of the visa suggests, the child has not reached the age of majority i.e. 18 years.

EMGS provides details of this: (see under Dependent Pass).

All postgraduate students enrolled in Public and Private Universities are eligible to apply for dependant passes on behalf of their families.

Undergraduate Students who are studying for their Bachelor’s Degree will only be eligible to apply for dependant passes on behalf of their families if they are citizens of the following countries:

1. Saudi Arabia
2. Bahrain
3. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
4. Turkey
5. Qatar
6. Azerbaijan
7. Palestinian Territories
8. Kuwait
9. Yemen
10. Iran
11. Syria
12. Oman
13. Jordan
14. Lebanon
15. Iraq
16. Libya
17. Maldives

Hi! Everyone. I need your advice please. Is Guardian Visa able to work outside Malaysia? Like Singapore... Thank you

Anyone holding a Guardian Visa can probably work online (i.e. offshore income) but the whole point of the visa is to care for children attending school in Malaysia. Only one parent gets a Guardian Visa. This would make it impossible to look after the children and work in Singapore.

Dear Gravitas,
Appreciated your response...👍
My concern for now if my wife is the Guardian, Is Malaysian Immigration will hold my wife if she’s going in/out of Malaysia to Singapore? We can ask our friend to help us look after my child after school. However if the school needs my wife to be present in any meetings or school activities as a Guardian, she’s able to attend to it. The rules that Guardian can’t work applies only in Malaysia? As long as we have a valid working visa in Singapore?

Can you please tell us more 😉

Hi! I'm facing some issues applying for a guardian pass while working in Singapore as well and would love to hear if anyone was able to successfully apply for it in a similar suitation.

My son is in Sunway International and i have my own biz which is registered in Singapore. I only need to go to Singapore during the hours when my son is in school so I am able to live and look after him in Malaysia while still working in Singapore.

Reading the government's website I was under the impression that it would be possible to obtain a guardian visa as long as the guardian does not work in Malaysia.

However, i have just been informed by my son's school, that a guardian visa for is only granted to someone if there is another spouse who lives and works out of Malaysia. As i am divorced and have full care and control of my son, that option is not possible for me.

I'm wondering if the school is wrong in their information and would be grateful for any advice on which department/ office location that i can actually go to to speak to someone who can give me accurate information. 

Thanks in advance!

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