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Updated 2015-11-27 21:46

Getting into Malaysia is ain't that easy, But if you prepare yourself carefully, you might be able to relocate yourself into Malaysia.

Malaysia is one of the toughest country to obtain long term visas unless you submit to them some proper valid documentation. Also remember that getting Resident ship or Citizenship in Malaysia is ain't that easy because Malaysia is very much protects its Heritage in terms of an Islamic Nation.

There are few ways of getting into Malaysia as;

1) Students (6 months or 1 years renewable visa)

2) Parents (Guardian for Students) (6 months or 1 years renewable visa)

3) Parents (Aged above 60 years old) (6 Months or 1 year renewal visa)

4) Professionals (2 years or 5 years renewable visa) (Lawyers, Doctors, Business people or Skill workers)

5) Workers (1 years renewable visa) from the selected source Countries (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philipines and others). Kindly refer to -www.imi.gov.my

6) Long Term Business stay or Retirement (10 years renewable visa) (Malaysia My Second Home Programme) -- -www.mm2h.gov.my

If you are already in Malaysia and having some problems, don't get panic. Please refer to this Malaysian Immigration portal;


(Carefully copy and paste the above link to your Google or Explorer Internet Search bar and enter this page)

This page has no English language selection or other language translation, The language exposure on that page is Malay. So all you need to do is to follow the below instruction on - "How to ensure your visa is valid / faked / cancelled".

1) Type in your Passport Number on [*No. Dokumen]

2) Choose your Country on [*Warganegara]

3) Enter your Visa Application Date or entry to Malaysia date and followed by the date today [Tarikh Permohonan}

4) Then choose [Pilih Semua] on your right - beside the "selection bar" on the portal.

5) And "click" on [Carian]

A simple 5 steps to find out the "Date and validity" of your Travelling Document in Malaysia.

If you don't find any information on the portal, You have no records of entering into Malaysia. Kindly refer to the Immigration Department as there must be some technical issues. Don't get panic.

If you find some dates and some information in Malay language, translate it into English and you will find put your current status in Malaysia.

Always stay connected to the Malaysian Immigration Website or portal to get latest information. Learn more about Visas and its application before some action.

Get some good advises around. Malaysia is very safe if you follow its Rules and Regulations. A peaceful living Country in South East Asia.

I hope the above information feeds your requirement. If you have any further queries. Do not hesitate to leave me a message.

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