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Are you a student or a recent graduate that wishes to gain experience in your chosen field, at the same time as experiencing a different work environment and lifestyle to your home country? Then it may be of interest to you to intern in Malaysia. As a rapidly developing economy that is breaking ground in several sectors, an internship in Malaysia won't just look good on your CV, but will also help you to make contacts in Asia and explore another culture.

Internship programmes are spread across Malaysia, but do note that internships in Kuala Lumpur are likely to be more competitive. Different programmes vary in length and tend to offer stipends, but be prepared to relocate for up to three months and to bring savings to support yourself properly in Malaysia.

Find an internship

Many international companies, such as Ernst and Young, KPMG, Nestle, Dell, Intel, Shell and Unilever run internship programmes in Malaysia. Internships are offered in different business areas, such as customer development, finance, human resources and marketing, so you can find something that matches your interest.

One of the simplest ways of finding a suitable internship in Malaysia is to consider which international companies you would most like to work for, then to search on their website to see if they have an internship programme and, if so, when their next intake is.

It's also worth seeking help at your university, especially if they have a satellite campus in Malaysia, or contacting an organisation like AIESEC, which provides professional internships for students.


Since the end of 2015, companies that are registered with the Expatriate Services Division can apply for a Social Visit Pass ' Internship (SVP-I) for international students at a recognised foreign university to do a short-term internship in Peninsular Malaysia. A maximum duration for the SVP-I is 90 days and participants from countries that require entry visas must also obtain the respective Single Entry Visa (SEV) before entry to Malaysia. All passports must be valid for at least six months, although 12 months is recommended, and SVP-I holders must leave Malaysia upon completion of their internship or visa expiry, as renewals are not allowed.

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