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How to find job in Kuala Lumpur
Updated 2019-04-24 15:08

Kuala Lumpur is a fast-paced city where work tends to be at the centre of life. The city is always looking for new talent and skills. People who have ambition and drive tend to thrive in a city like KL. Foreigners who work in the city are often hired remotely or arrive by transferring from a foreign office to the Kuala Lumpur one. As an expat in KL, you are more likely to find a job in the above-mentioned ways, if your move isn’t based on precisely that, in the first place.

Work and business are highly contingent on relationships and trust and loyalty are highly valued. For this reason, it can be difficult for a foreigner to get a job in the city if they do not already have ties to it. Many people stay with their jobs for a long time and companies are more likely to hire someone who is willing to stay and grow with the business. However, there are many ways for an expat to access potential employment opportunities.

How to find a job in Kuala Lumpur

Social media

Social Media is a great place to start. In Malaysia, those working across many professional sectors have created groups on social media websites in order to network and build relationships. These groups are a great way to know people working in your field of interest in Kuala Lumpur and to get yourself known. Employers may even advertise vacancies on these groups.


As previously mentioned, doing business in Malaysia means investing in relationships with people. Thus, using your own networks or laying the foundation for a network before your move is a very promising way to find a job in KL. Put out the word that you are looking to move to KL and you might find opportunities through word of mouth. Getting recommended for a position will give you an additional advantage on the pool of candidates.

Job websites

The most reliable way to find out about vacancies in KL is probably by accessing recruitment websites or getting in touch with agencies that specialise in jobs in the city. The websites will provide updated information on all vacancies and will allow browsing by sector and requirements.

Career fairs

Career fairs and workshops take place at universities and on college campuses every year. These events provide international students with access to potential employers and companies that can result in a job offer at the end of their studies. Job fairs also take place outside of academic institutions and will give access to a broader range of employers. Keep in mind that many might not be looking to hire expats, who will require a work permit.

Applying for a job in Kuala Lumpur

In order to maximise your chances of landing your dream job in KL, it is important that you invest time in improving your CV, cover letters and additional paperwork such as your transcripts and other qualifications, translated in English for employers. The competitive workforce in KL means that employers will be looking for candidates that stand out; this can be done by working on the above and on your interview skills.

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