Foreigner withdraw EPF while changing the job

Hi Everyone,

Im a foreigner and currently working in KL. I resigned in my current company and my last day is 18 May. Moreover, i received the new offer from another company which is in Category III. Hence, i have to leave Malaysia and go back my hometown before joining the new company. May I know that im eligible to withdraw EPF before leaving Malaysia or not. As my concern is that i will come back Malaysia and work for a new company next time. I dont know now they allow me to withdraw EPF or not.

Hey there,

Yes there is an option to withdraw your contributions. All the details are available here … he-country
Scroll down to the Expatriate tab for all the details.

Based on the website, it is advised that you apply TWO months before expiry of work permit, termination of contract by employer or date of resignation.

Proof of Employment
Work Permit

Proof of Termination*
Letter of resignation/ termination of contract of services by employer
Income tax clearance statement/letter
Cancellation of work permit
Cancellation of Residence Pass for expatriate under 'TALENT' status

*Exception for Seafarers

Proof of Contribution
Contribution confirmation form by employer (if still employed)
Confirmation letter of applicant's identity from the embassy of applicant's country of origin