Cooling-off period

Hi, I want to ask about the cooling off period. I definitely have to do this process but I want to know that..

- Does some company help employee who receive salary not over RM5000 to avoid cool down?

- In cool down period (3 months), can I enter malaysia by my tourist passport (30 days for Thailand passport) .. I mean will it record on this cool down process.. do it have to count 90 days again if come in???   or it means, I just stop working for 3 months here but can stay if have visa..??

Thank you.

There is only a cooling off period after 3 years on Category III EP or if changing employer for category I & II and breaking contract so No Objection Letter is being withheld. Salary of RM5k upwards was Category I and now Category II.

The issue is you must be out of the country while the application for the new EP during cooling off period is taking place. It is the same rule for Category I-III. Applications to immigration can only be submitted when the potential employee is outside Malaysia.

so i cannot be in the countrey at all for 3 month

I have the same case. I am working at kuching but resigned. I have check out memo, during my flight last dec. 19, immigration stamped my visa check out dec. 10, 2018, does it mean the cooling of period starts at Dec 10, or during my flight which is Dec. 19?

I will be returning to the same company. The accepted me again. So they advised me to wait for the cooling off period. Can they process the visa during the cooling off time?

And can I travel to Malaysia during the cooling off period?

Thanks for helping.

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