Call center jobs in KL for Filipinos


Im planning to go to KL and start a career.. Can you give me ideas on salary range, and accomodation, and also the process in applying a job there.

Thank you guys, hope you can help me :)

This may help you to see the local salaries:

Salary Guide - Malaysia

I guess you are looking at a salary of about RM2k and you can pay what you need to for accommodation. If you want a room that will be about RM500 per month. If you want a unit to yourself, then probably around RM1-1.5K. That kind of area would be in the suburbs and in an old building.

Hi realistically your chances are very poor. Fillipinos just can't get work like that in kl.  if they could 15 million would!

only onees I met here were sent here and have lots of experience. Apart from maids of course.

thank you Gravitas, very helpful! :)

my colleagues got hired as IT Help Desk in SingTel.. so I also want to try my luck

Do i need to get working visa or just tourist visa will do?

You need a working permit. Once you get a job, you apply for it.  Your company has to help you and provide some papers.

Is it still difficult to find a job if I am legally married to my Malaysian boyfriend?

Singtel would be in singapore, besides IT would be a different field altogether from call center.being a call center agent here would require you to speak bahasa melayu which is the native tounge.

Yes,most especially now the immigration here in Malaysia are very strict.


Malaysia is not for poor immigrant, no more, Malaysian government has all the rights to protect its own labor market. My experience being in Malaysia for almost 6 years, with Master degree from UK, and experience of almost 10+ years, pl note
1) you must be very high skilled labor particularly in the field of Information Technology or Engineering may have chances to be hired by local firms, but must be from top university of the world ( why top university graduate will work in Malaysia ?)


2) They need low grade labor for odd jobs, including Call Center ,for this kind of job they even provide you a room/ a bed / to stay at night / day , and keep working for them, with very low salary,,,,,

Welcome to Malaysia---- :thanks:  :dumbom:


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hi im jobel im looking  for a call center job ,i have a working permit please can u help me im a engenering.
this my contack number

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Hi you can't have a work.permit before getting a job! Job first work permit afterwards.


Are you still interested job in KL?

I am a recruiter based in KL and we are looking for Filipinos to fill our vacancy in KL.

Please contact me if you are interested via email: Kelly.Chuong[at]

Emerio (M) Sdn Bhd

[at] Kelly Chuong,

Please note that free advertising is not allowed on the forum.

Can you please register yourself as recruiter in the business directory and post all your job offers in the jobs in kuala lampur section?



Hi, i would like to know what job available for filipinos?

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Hi, i've been living and working here in malaysia for over 10 years. First of all, before applying for job u have to know your skills, qualification and experience related to the job u are applying for. Got plenty job offers but you will be hired depends on your experience or qualifications.

Hi Kelly,

I am interested to work n KL as sales executive. I worked from Oct 2915- march 2016 as Area Sales executive in Lily international based In Maldives and part of it is brand promotion of items like Evian and Hobury juice brands to luxury resorts. Do u have any suggestion of my luck here. I worked as book sales consultant for four years in the Philippines


I am a Filipino and looking for some call center jobs in Malaysia,I'm currently working as a Tech Support for a Canadian Mobile Phone.
Had worked with Citibank as a Sales Rep for 4 years and with call center Industry for 2 years now.

Hope you can help me looking for a job opening!


Hi everyone,

[at] Mark, welcome on board  :)

i suggest you drop an advert along with your cv in the appropriate section of the website :

- Jobs in Malaysia

Your advert will benefit from more exposure on the website.

All the very best,

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Are you still hiring?


My name is Chacha and I am looking for a call center job. I am currently working in brunei as a receptionist.

I can guide you to get a job as I have a friend who does recruitment.

Rizjas :

I can guide you to get a job as I have a friend who does recruitment.

Hi, Where can we send our CV/Resume?

Hi, May I know if you can speak in Mandarin and wants to work as Hotel Reservation Officer?

Hi, I am in Kuala Lumpur now and I am looking for a job, kahit sa food and beverage industry po.

Hi everyone,
I am here in Malaysia and looking for a job. I have 5 years working experienced in BPO for both IT Technical Support in Microsoft Account and Customer Service for different accounts such as  Travel Account, GameStop and AOL to name a few. Please help me if you know companies who are hiring Filipinos because some of the companies are only hiring Malaysian. Hopefully you can help me and meet some other time guys. Thank you.

Please contact me if you get this message.

Hi can you help me land a job in Kuala Lumpur malaysia

can i send my CV if you could forward it to the company pls and my phone number is ***

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hi,  who is willing to help me out?  can somebody refer me over to your company?  im working as a customer service rep.  pls do me a favor

hi there do you know any other call center company there?

Hi I'm a Filipino too and new here in Malaysia
I'm also looking for a job
I have 4years+  working in BPO / Call centers

Can any one recommend or refer or at least give me an idea where and how to start applying?


***Did you already find a job?***

Hi, do you still have vacancies for Call Center or Admin position?

Hi Guys!

I am planning to go to MY for a job hunt.  10 yrs in BPO and still counting.

Any inputs if I will take my chance to go there?


Hi, im looking for a job... currently im working as admn staff here in ampang and my contract will be end on 31st of january 2018.
Can you help me to find a job.. either call centre or admin staff.
Thank you and have a good day!

The CSO handles incoming customer inquiries to provide complete and accurate responses.

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Industry: Bank

Job Responsibilities
 Ensures highest standard of service delivery on personalised phone services to our customers.
 Identifies and handles customer enquires completely and accurately.
 Resolves customer complaints and problems to the satisfaction of the customer.
 Uses customer service and sales skills to optimize the opportunity of each customer contact.
 Educates the customer about the Bank’s products and services and directs them toward available resources for self-help.
 Completes accurately the necessary documentation to manage customer complaints, issues and subsequent solutions.
 Alerts management of issues that require escalation for complete resolution or which may indicate a larger, underlying problem.
 Assigns or acts on any required customer follow-up in accordance with Call Centre guidelines.
 Enters customer data and other relevant information into the relevant systems (as required) completely and accurately.
 Suggests call centre process improvements and participates in call centre initiatives for increased effectiveness.
 Uses technology and system tools as directed and within established guidelines.
 Maintains confidentiality of the Bank’s customers and data.
 Ensures knowledge is up-to-date by participating in individual and team trainings, meetings and reading the information posted in the Call Centre’s knowledge management system.
 Keeps abreast with current issues in the banking environment and competitors’ innovations.
 Provides constant feedback from customers to improve Call Centre service delivery.

 Degree in any discipline
 Candidates with a minimum of 2 years’ experience are encouraged to apply
 Experience in Call Centre, Banking or Customer Service environment will be an advantage
 Possess a positive mindset with a “CAN-DO” attitude a and passion to deliver quality customer service
 Possess a pleasant voice & good telephone etiquette
 Resourceful, proactive, attentive to details and a good team player
 Possess good communication skills (verbal and written English
 Proficient in PC skills including MS Office applications
 Ability to work on staggered/rotational shifts including weekends and Public Holidays to support 24x7 Call Centre service operations

Send your updated CV to KatherineOracion.Liwanag[at]

Dear Gravitas,

I am so greatful that i get a quick response from you. Already sent my latest CV to Katherine Oracion via email and till now i did not get any reponse from her. But still hoping that they will get back to me
Thank you.

Warm & Regards,
Jaz (Erma)

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