starting a new restaurant in KL or Selangor - need some help

I am planning to start a new restaurant of local cuisines in KL or Selangor. I have zero experience on this business and I really dont know where and how to do this. I am looking for a good location (not in downtown or Bukit Bintang) area and it can be in housing area.
I have to start from scratch. I need a chef/s and I need workers etc...
Is there anyone out there who has experience and perhaps wish to work for me to help me out?
I would really need some advices.


I do not want to sound negative but, since you do not have experience, I would advice you not to open a restaurant based on local cuisine. The reason is that it is not a good business venture since very few local cuisine restuarants are succesful. The reasons could be competition from local hawker stalls, sustaining the cooks and high investment costs. If your investment is high and interest is purely business, you want to consider opening a franchise restaurant like KFC. Or if the location is downtown, consider more fanciful franchises such as Outback Steak House etc.

Hi Syedsalim,
Thank you for your honest opinion. I do want this only on a business basis. I will consider your suggestion.

I agree with Syed. Glad he posted that first!

In the UK the failure rate of new restaurants is 90%. Usually due to people opening one as it "will be nice" not realising the hard work and risks involved. Here it is prob lower, but seen lots of closures in my area sson after opening.

Also I looked into this (well 8 years ago) and it was not legal for a foreigner to own a local restaurant. Could if say western food etc but still needed a local business partner. Although some relaxation in company laws have happened since then I doubt you can own a restaurant without taking some legal risks - I remember the clampdown in Bangsar in 2004 where all those investors in bars were burnt badly when they opened bar/restaurants only to find out they had to close them even if just opened or not yet opened. It happens every so often, it part of the risk of running a business in a foreign country I am afraid to say. BTW they were all assured they were legal by their agents.

Apart from the "political/legal" risk have you ever run a restaurant anywhere in the world?

Getting staff is hard especially with less foreign workers allowed into Malaysia these days. You have to employ foreigners as Malaysians won't do it. You have to house them and take care of them. If they run off etc you have trouble. This costs you visa costs and agency fees to get workers

As a cash business you have to be on site a lot more as stealing is common by staff (I knew some big time restaurant owners when here last time - that was one of their biggest complaints).

If you are serious I suggest you do some research into costs as ukit Bintang has a lot of restaurants, the ebst places are filled as far as I can see. there are some that are just surviving.

I suggest you to open an arabic restaurant at Kuala Lumpur area.

hi Rasel,

I would be glad to help,if u r intersted just let me kow.I have a friend who is looking for a business partner here in kl.

Hope hearing from u soon :-)

Hi Rasel

I agree with the above comments that opening and running a restaurant business is not easy, not only in malaysia but also all over the world.  Since this is your first experience in F&B industry, i would suggest you do your research on the licenses, the location, the target market, the financial requirements, etc.

In terms of location, please study it carefully.  You can't open your restaurant in residential area. In Malaysia, there are few categories of place: residential, business, green lung, parks, agriculture, etc.  You can't simply open a business in a place designated as residential.  Likewise, you can't build a house in agriculture land. The authority has the right to close down your premise at any time. 

If you have time, visit this website: to get further information on opening a restaurant in malaysia.


Salaam .rasel
  Im aida i did wrote here about business as well in restaurant.if u dnt hve experienced u need to be careful.if u are malaysian i guess u do need to know about the rule and get chefs and inshaallah i can help u.main things is i can teach u for a while the whole things
   Later u can manage on ur own.u dnt need to open in a big oe expensive area.coa u dnt know how it will yeah residental areas are the best new school or office are good also.for caretings and all.let me know thank u .


Hi Rasel,
i suggest you read this book "Starting a Restaurant For Dummies", it will give you an idea about what you would experience if you choose to go ahead.

Best of Luck

Hi there, I can help with all your interior furnishings and everything to do with malaysia. I joined this site as my wife is a british thatvhas moved here.

hi, I just  open mine at Bukit Bintang monorail station, The Cafe is just beneath the station itself and its called Cafe Blu.. do look me  up  there, Im the Chef .

i got my 10 years multiple entries visa mm2h i will be the again in KL after 3 months to open a luxury middle eastern club ... but i heard they dont issue new liqour license in some areas like changkat ... any advice is highly appreciated ...

shah alam area is good for the restaurant business
best of luck

im a malaysian doing restaurant business in klia sepang  to who are looking a local partner  to open business in malaysia or langkawi
please  contack me ,019 3063441 rajman hashim

Let me know if you are in KL and we can discuss further re your business options

hi there, my company is an F&B consultancy company which does f&b outlets start up and turn around..mail me your details if you would consider a helping hand in starting up your bar.***

Hi there. I'm Navein.

Looking forward to start up Bar and restaurant business as well.

Mail me at ***



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I am interested to talk about this business opportunity, I am previous executive chef with 30 years experience in hospitality and 20 years overseas and last 9 years in china, currently I am living in Cambodia and manage my private business, it's called (CAFÉ LULU ) in Phnom Penh the capital of Cambodia, I am think before to extend my f&b businesses to Malaysia, if you interested we can talk more,
Kind regards,


hello, i need a work, if u made ur restaurant , i can join u for work

Hello everyone,

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- Jobs in Kuala Lumpur

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Thanks in advance,

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hi there. id love to find out more about what you are looking for. I currently have 2 restaurants here, and am looking for new partners, who can either contribute financially and am looking for a head chef role as well. Do let me know, thanks.


Any other openings at your hotels?

I am looking out for a job.

Hi,if you are looking to start south indian food i may be of some help...please call me ***

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Can i apply as floor staff/waitress?

what kind of help you required?

Many restaurants start and fail in KL, best to start out a food court where you can see how your cuisines will be received. Most successful places make sure to get a good logo and make sure to appeal to the younger generation.I have some friends that have failed, i have some friends that are great successes but mostly due to starting as a family business where the whole family helps out. Then there is also location, location, location. Check out Satay Ros on Facebook [at]satayros1984, a personal friend with 6 shops and has become a satay distributor. Also best satay in KL:)

Hello sir,

I am looking forward to start a south indian restaurant . I am currently working under government but want to be my own boss soon.

Please contact me via***

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My father owns a retail store for nearly 17 yeras so i have a good business knowledge through him. I just wanted to be my own boss like him so i have decided to venture into indian restaurant business.

I have close contacts with those whom are managing an Indian cafe and no problem with managing one in future too.

I just need financial help to start up

can i get your email. i got few questions regarding opening restaurant, if you could help  :)

It is very hard to run a restaurant without any experience, I would suggest you to gain some experience first.

And the investment needed and overheads are too high to make any profit in most situations. The "deal" some owners make is for a person to put some capital into a restaurant in order to gain a visa to live in Malaysia.  THIS IS A BIG CON TRICK.

For any Joint Venture with a Malaysian, the minimum capital is RM350,000. Suggest you get a job in Malaysia first, get to know the business environment thoroughly, and then think about starting a business. Once you are here you will understand why.

You need an employer to request an employment pass. An individual can't do that. Take a look at jobs on Jobstreet.

Hi you can contact me i have experience in,
12 years in fb ..this is my contact number***

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Anyone here operating a restaurant/cafe/eatery? Would like to ask for some operational advices...

Sorry for double posting, cannot edit/add on to my previous post.
I was actually looking for some suppliers to deliver supplies for cafe business that I am partnering with a friend.

I got some information and trying them at the moment but still looking for some reputable suppliers to buy and deliver the following -

Vegetable supplier in Kuala Lumpur - trying out Fresh Select Sdn Bhd
Variety of coffee beans - still looking
Dried and processed food stock - still looking
Meat supplier (sausages, ham, meat patties) - still looking

Appreciate if there are some members in here know any and can recommend them, thanks.  :gloria
Time saved from acquiring daily needs for the business can be so invaluable.

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