Employment Process for Stage 2

Hi Guys. 

I am new here in the forum.  I am hoping to get some advice on the employment process in Malaysia especially for the DP11/Stage 2. 

I am from Philippines and currently employed here.  I have an offer in Kuala Lumpur. My employer submitted all my documents last week of June and was told that Stage 1 will take 7 - 14 days to process so I am still waiting. 

I would like to ask is how long do I have to stay in Malaysia to get my passport stamp for employment pass. I understand that I have to submit my passport once I enter Malaysia, if I read it correctly?

Reason I am wondering is that I am still employed and need to take a leave to process stage 2 in Malaysia?

Thank You very much.  Appreciate everyone's help!!

Your question is hard to understand.

"I understand that I have to submit my passport once I enter Malaysia, if I read it correctly? " - so you are thinking of taking a holiday while working your notice from your current employer?  Or taking a break in employment and leaving the country? In that case when you join your new employer, they can submit your passport to get the EP placed in it (that is Stage II).

The rule is that a person taking up their first job in Malaysia has to be outside the country while Stage I is carried out. If changing jobs you will need a No Objection Letter and cancellation of your current EP by your current employer (unless the EP is expiring now anyway) to process the Stage I with your new employer.

Hope this helps.

Hi Gravitas

Thanks for your reply.  Apologies for the confusion. 

My thought is I have to wait for the stage 1 and 2 to be processed before actually rendering 1 month notice to my current employer.  If stage 1 is approved, does it mean stage 2 will get approved too or is there a chance it would not be?

Yes, Stage II happens automatically (as long as your passport is submitted to immigration).

The process to SWITCH jobs (i.e. early termination of contract) is:
a) get a job offer
b) resign
c) **get NOC letter from Employer 1 and they cancel your existing EP
d) Employer 2 applies for Stage I clearance
e) Stage I is granted
f) Stage II is finalised.

Now if your current EP is EXPIRING (i.e. at the end of your current contract) - that is a potentially easier situation, because Employer 2 can submit papers for Stage I approval (the new job must have a start date AFTER your current EP expires).

** this is a potential problem - if employer refuses to cooperate because they need your services. Put simply, Employer 2 cannot get Stage I clearance without the NOC and EP cancellation.

Hi Gravitas

Thanks for your response. I just got a response from HR that Stage 1 is now approved. I am waiting for the calling visa here in the Philippines.

I will wait for what is the next step as I assume I need to process other documents before I get a single entry visa.

I am reluctant to resign yet as I am not sure what is the next process for that like other requirements eg documents / medical etc.

apz_26 :

I would like to ask is how long do I have to stay in Malaysia to get my passport stamp for employment pass. I understand that I have to submit my passport once I enter Malaysia, if I read it correctly?

Thank You very much.  Appreciate everyone's help!!

I too was told that I have to travel to KL with family (dependents),  to collect the work permit and submit the dependent pass application.

It wasn't clear to me either, how long this process will take. And how long i will need to stay in KL.
I am moving position within company to a different location so its a little different case but the visa process is the same.

While I am in KL for this stage. Can look for and sign rental contract for an apartment? And can I (my kid) appear for personal interview at school (I was told this needs to be done before getting an admission).


Once Stage I has been approved, the rest is academic. It means your migration to Malaysia into the job prescribed is formalised. Obviously, without having your passports in Malaysia, the immigration dept can't affix the visa's. So that part (Stage II) is done once  you arrive. You can sign a lease ( even without any immigration approval) and you can visit schools. But most will want to carry out a test before they accept pupils, i.e. the children have to be in Malaysia to sit the tests. Your company should submit details of the dependents that will accompany you with your Stage I application. They will then also be approved to travel to Malaysia for Stage II (i.e. presenting their passports)

To clarify - the application for Professional Pass and Dependent Passes can idealy be submitted at the same time. If this does not happen, the DP applications are done on arrival, followed by Stage IIn (visa stuck in passport). Please note that kids over 6 yrs of age require a student visa (as opposed to a DP). The school they will attend will help arrange the paprwork to apply for this. So the best solution if your kids require a student visa is to get a tourist visa for your wife and kids to enter Malaysia, and then apply for the student visa once they are accepted by a school.

Depending how your employer does things, the passes could be stamped within a couple of days. If they are slow or use agents, then it could take a week after submitting the passports.

Thanks Gravitas..This calrifies the Stage 2 time part..

My son is 4 now..Guess he will still be on a DP.

Talking about DP's, would you know if parents of persons with EP are eligible for DP as well? Or they will have to come on a Visitor Visa.  For long one can stay on Visitor Visa?

Apologies if i have gone off topic.


please help..im from the phil, waiting for my temporary working pass to be release.. but its almost 7weeks process but Company HR says its still pending in FWCMS system..Can you give me idea how long it will take to be release..
another question is i worked in malaysia last may 2013- sept2015, but i didnt return to work my employer in that time waited until january 2016 but i didnt make to return so they decided to cancel my visa that is expiring May 29 2016..do u think this might be the problem thats why now my temporary pass is delayed? pls help.thanks in advance

Rags9in - It's possible on Category I and II only. (There may be a minimum salary requirement - although this is not revealed) This document is useful generally, and shows what is needed to apply for a Social Visit Pass (Long Term) - see page 25


Naxtian24 - as you may have read there is a lot of pressure right now with employers making applications to immigration. Whether you have been flagged as an absonder is hard to predict. The delay is more likely a clogged up system with high volumes.

Hi Gravitas,

Once I arrive in Malaysia to proceed to stage 2, does it take weeks to have my passport stamp with employment visa/pass? I was told it will take 3 weeks.  Is there a chance that it can be processed less than a week or so?

I am just waiting for my calling visa and I will go to the embassy here to process the documents to get a single entry. 

This site has been very helpful as I won't have a clue if I didn't stumble upon the site.

It's usually up to 2 working weeks i.e. 10 days. But it does depend on the volume of passports that need processing at any one time. Keep a photocopy of your passport details page and calling visa/entry stamp on you, while your passport is being processed. If your employer has not indicated it, you could enquire if you should hand your passport to them on your first day of work. Sometimes delays take place because of tardiness by the employer.

i might not be approved? please give me ideal time..company hr says they will update me around this week.but i have no news i emailed them but dont got any answer.

my employer just cancelled my visa,i think he doest flagged me as absonder because i didnt have bad things done in my time of being his employee..

Your employer would need to give a reason for cancelling your visa - immigration can see when you left the country in relation to that visa and when it was cancelled (or that is the theory hahaha).

i have been employed may2013-sept2015 i went to vacation and not return to work but my permit is valid until may2016,  they waited for me until january2016 but i didnt come back so they emailed me that they will cancel my visa, 

please give me idea if when does i will know if im rejeted or approve in FCMCS system?

if that is breaking contract do you think that might be the reason i will not be approved again to have temporary pass again and able to return to malaysia?

As I said before - because of the high volume of applications going on right now because of the re-hiring programme, it's impossible to give a time scale.

thanks for replying
please give me ideas why immigration rejected application of temporary pass?

Ask your employer - not a stranger on a forum. Your prospective employer should have been told why the pass was rejected. I am confused. Did you now hear it has definitely been rejected?  Or are you just worrying it may be rejected?

Gravitas :

Rags9in - It's possible on Category I and II only. (There may be a minimum salary requirement - although this is not revealed) This document is useful generally, and shows what is needed to apply for a Social Visit Pass (Long Term) - see page 25


Thanks Gravitas.

just worried because everytime i ask its pending ..thanks gravitas

Hello hI guys i want to have some info regarding my employment visa renewal category 1
We applied for the renewal with all the documents needed and the esd visa application says deferal could kindly somebody tell me what this actually means

Thanks again Gravitas.
Just to clarify, can I start working while waiting for my passport to be stamped or I would need to wait to get the passport and the working visa or employment pass?

In stage 2, is that the only process left or do I need to accomplish anything like medical exam etc?

apz_26 - you hand your passport to HR on first day and they take care of getting the process finalised. EPs don't have a mandatory medical by immigration. Employers have to offer Medical Insurance and may insist on there being a medical.

If staff are being hired under the Foreign Worker system, then a medical is mandatory. But that system is completely different in every way....

Hi Gravitas
I received the calling visa today.  I am hoping to obtain the single entry visa next week once I submit all requirements.  Thanks for answering all my questions!

apz_26 :

Hi Gravitas
I received the calling visa today.  I am hoping to obtain the single entry visa next week once I submit all requirements.  Thanks for answering all my questions!


Hi Gravitas,

Good day to you. Just wanted to ask, if there still a possibility that stage 2 can be declined for mdec ict.... My stage 1 is already approved however, according to pwc, compared to mdec msc,mdec ict is more lengthy in terms of processing EP. I resigned to my current company in which  my last day will be this end of month. Everything have been provided by my current company such as release letter, recommendation letter and my Visa has been cancelled as well last July 5, though my visa is about to expire as well this coming 29th.

Is there still  a possibility that stage 2 can still be declined?

Thank you and hope you can enlighten me.Have aa good day and god bless.

Christeta19 - there should be no problem with the Stage II - it's only formalising the Stage I approval.

Dear Gravitas,

I have really enjoyed all your helpful responses in different forums, so I wanted to ask a quick question.

My DP10 is currently being processed, once it's done do I need to get a visa from Malaysian embassy before entering Malaysia for the first time ever?

Many thanks,


The employer will receive instructions from immigration as to whether you need to arrive on a Visa With Reference. If that is not required (sometimes it just about the abililty to board a plane to get to Malaysia as some airlines refuse travel without a valid visa) then you can enter the country in the normal way and proceed to start your job on the agreed date.  So it will depend on a case by case basis.

Many thanks for your prompt reply, Gravitas!

Thank u Gravitas for your prompt response. Just to clarify, this is regardless whether it is for mdec msc or mdec ict. Thank you again.

The only difference is which agency is approving (there are 7 or more different ones) and this approval is part of the Stage I process. Stage II is an automatic process done once you start work at the new employer. Stage I could not have been approved without sight of the cancelled work permit. Processing time for Stage II will depend on volume / backlog. As a lot of job offers involve ICT, there could be some delays.

Thanks a lot Gravitas😊

Thanks! I submitted all my docs and passport to VFS. Just waiting for it to be stamped for Single Entry Visa.  I

Hi THere quick update and a question...

So I submitted all the requirement for stage 1 and I got a single entry visa yesterday.  However, the remarks is "for issue of Social VP 90 days".  I was expecting "for issue if employment pass" once I enter Malaysia for stage 2.

I double check with them and told me that the visa reference number is the calling visa  for my employment is social pass. 

My concern is once I enter Malaysia, my employer needs to submit my passport for EP stamping. 

Is this ok? Do you know anyone who has a single entry visa with a Social VP remarks and able to reach stage 2 with Employment Pass stamped?

apz_26 - there seems to be some confusion? An individual cannot apply for a work permit. Only an employer can do that.

The Stage I approval is obtained BY THE EMPLOYER, who can show they qualify to hire foreign staff and also the candidate they put forward has acceptable qualifications and experience.

Stage I has to be conducted while the candidate is OUTSIDE Malaysia. So if you are coming to Malaysia to job hunt, do be aware if you are successful, you will have to leave again whilst Stage I is being processed.

I would have thought Filipinos could enter on the normal one month visa if they had already been approved by immigration?

Hi Gravitas

Apologies, let me elaborate. 

I got a job offer, sent all necessary documents and the company submitted all requirements for calling visa.  I received the calling visa 2 weeks ago. 

In order for me to get a single entry visa, I submitted the calling visa, medical fit to work, ISC, passport and other supporting documents to Malaysia Embassy here in the Philippines last week. 

I got my passport with a single entry visa yesterday.  The remarks is "for issue of social pass".  I was expecting "for issue of employment pass" since I have a calling visa that indicates I am for employment for 12 months. 

I asked the embassy and said should be ok as they would check the contract when I enter Malaysia.  The reference visa in the calling visa is social pass that is why their remark is for social pass.

I am wondering if that is OK and that when I enter Malaysia, the employer can submit me for EP stage 2 stamping.

I asked the HR but still waiting for their reply.

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