Work in Malaysia for Indian doctor


An Indian citizen work as a doctor for last 9 years. I'm currently living outside of India but considering moving to Malaysia with my wife.

Could somebody please tell me how can get a job as a doctor in Malaysia?

Thank you in advance!

It can be tricky to register as a medic and find work because of protectionism. One route is being a lecturer at one of the a further education provider.

Thxz for replying.
Yes, I know it's hard to register but is not impossible.
And I heard there many doctors from India, Pakistan and other countries.

Probably they are married to Malaysians and/or returning on the TalentCorp programme. Definitely quite a lot in academia.

I know we have several working at the university I'm working for and they can teach, but not allowed to practice medicine.  Their students can graduate and work as a doctors, but they're not allowed to. I ran into a similar problem with my US engineering license, I'm not allowed to work as registered engineer (IR) in Malaysia even though I've been licenses as a professional engineer (PE) for almost 30 years in the US.

the link of med council of malaysia  says i gen be registered as my university is recognised by the government. is the process of registration hard? how long does it takes?

You need to get a job offer (subject to immigration clearance) as the first step. Then the practice licence is applied for. I know this all sounds cryptical but basically the employer would be the sponsor for the practice licence - "the application shall be made by the prospective institution or employer." … 042015.pdf

The key to the situation is the use of the word "Malaysian" throughout the various documents concerning registration and this "The applicant shall provide proof of proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia and English" (mentioned twice).

More: "Applicants who have never worked in Malaysia shall be required to undergo an
assessment period of up to one (1) year in a facility approved by the Evaluation
Committee for Specialist Medical Qualifications before he could be considered for

I guess this all gives the gist of the various hoops to go through. However, world renowned specialists are likely to be granted a PL as Malaysia is open to high level professionals in any category. As mentioned earlier, protectionism is the issue - there are not enough jobs for qualified Malaysians, so foreigners have little chance of finding employment here.

An option might be going into partnership in a medical practice as an investor, but I don't know exactly how that works for medics from overseas.

seems like people are trying to dissuade from work in Malaysia )))  maybe due to high  competition here

Some of the population in Malaysia speaks only Malay, or only Chinese, or only Hindi. 
Therefore universals-doctors who speak all 3 languages ​​are very few, even among local ones.

I know a lot of Indians are working here without any Malay.
English should be excellent.

As i got to know recently, workers in healthcare do not have a requirement for languages ​​other than English.

When a foreign doctor starts working, initially the nurses transfer them if necessary.

And then foreign doctors themselves master local languages ​​at a level sufficient to ask the patient what is bothering him.

So, i want to  say thanks to everyone who answered here even it was not duly  correct information.

Your analysis is possibly right except it is a requirement to speak Malay these days - in the past it was not so important and still not so important in Penang. The older generation speak several languages and the younger are now concentrating on Mandarin (it's fashionable not to speak one of the dialects). Unfortunately still many people who don't speak English at all.

But of course it's the RULES for getting a practice licence that are being quoted - not the everyday situation.

Apply for jobs and see how you get on.

Not trying to dissuade you at all - go ahead and apply for jobs. Just pointing out the issues (hurdles) the MMC have put for foreign doctors to be registered and licenced here. If you are an expert in some specialty, then doors may well open.


I do not know what people achieve in giving false information. I am an investment banker and live in KL, malaysia since 2012. There are plenty of indian specialists doctors here in Malaysia practicing for some of the best hospitals. They are neither married to local malay nor speak malay language.

SInce i don't belong to medical sector can't help you much but i have two suggestions.

1. Register on Malaysia medical counsil. I think you need to serve govt. for few years before you get license for private practice.
2. Connect on linkedin directly with some specialist doctors in Malaysia and they will guide you with right information.

Hope this helps. Wish you good luck.


Hi Sulsena,
Could you get going in Malaysia since I m under a similar situation where we need to understand if an Indian Doctor can work in Malaysia.Please guide!

Hi, How are you all.

I'm in Kuala lampur since May,2018
My wife wants to come here in Malaysia and she want to continue her career in Kuala Lampur, She has one year of Foundation year experience with MBBS degree from very highly recognized university "Liaquat National Hospital & Medical College KARACHI".

Any one is here who can guide me ? Doctors reply will be very helpful for me.

Thanks in advance.

Check registration rules on the Malaysian Medical Council website.

Specialists invited to be supervised initially under locally registered doctors can get a practice certificate. This is only in the private sector.