MAZ International School - Malaysia

Hi Everyone,

I've been trying to find some information about MAZ International School in Malaysia.  I've seen a really nice video about the school on Youtube BUT I've also read some horror stories about working for the school.

Could anyone please shed some light on whether or not this is a good school to teach at for expats? It would be a costly mistake to get there and find out I'd made a mistake.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

It is not a prestigeous school but probably typical of the type of school in Malaysia, which is mainly for local children who study some UK curriculum and Malaysian exam subjects. Many of this type of school have less skilled and experienced teachers, so a heavy input can become necessary and a reliance on innovation provided by incoming staff. CDB These schools usually pay low salaries also compared to high class internationally recogised schools. But they usually want teachers with high qualifications and experience and pay accordingly, as long as they are trained in English-speaking countries. Check out Times Educational Supplement (TES) for top class vacancies.

Thank you very much for your response, Gravitas. I think that's been the most informative and objective advice so far.

Avoid at all costs! Definitely a place for any qualified teacher to avoid.

There are 72 "international schools" in kl.

There are about 7 that are prestigious (1st or 2nd tier - mostly second tier).

There are about 10 3rd tier schools. These are ok to work at for an expat and try hard.

The rest are awful and no expat should even consider.

Maz is about 60th on my list. There are worse places but only just.

Pm me if you want to know more.

Btw I knew a Dutch gal that worked there. She wasn't a qual teacher but as any white face will do for these places will employ. She had some horror stories....

I don't know about MAZ but there are many horrible schools. The school I work for, UCSI International School Subang Jays, has been pretty good. It's a newer school, but part of a large organization with its head office at their university in Cheras. We have a really great staff  and I believe they are still looking for new teachers. Contact me if you'd like to know more. Dennis, [email protected]

I agree, UCSI is OK. I have friends whose child attends. There are schools opening all the time and lots of vacancies. One of the newest is Time International School and there's another new one opening in Johor next school year. But as Nemo says, its best to stick with the better schools. MAZ just sounds wrong to me.

Thanks Dennis. I mailed you but my email was returned instead. I'd like to know more about your school and how to apply.

Thanks to everyone for your responses. It's been a great help.

Hi Nemodot. I have been offered a job (with excellent conditions and salary) at MAZ, so I would like to hear more about those horror stories, before I make up my mind.

Hi well ISR is a good place to look though caveat that can be biased and in the past. Also of course places change to be fair if they have a new head (expat) a whole new ownership who don't interfere and invest in the school then of course it may be worth it.

Excellent would be 20,000 RM plus. So if you mean 10k excellent think again. If it is 18-20k take it. If it is 10k don't. 15k plus think twice under 15k think a lot more.

But the teacher who I know who worked there got rather less than 10k. Chicken feed actually! But as I said owners could have changed etc etc

But out of interest I just looked at their website. So old fashioned ideas like "science" stream and "business commerce stream" like something out of the 1950s. That worries me. Should worry you too.

I just noticed they do accountancy and commerce as core subjects for years 7-9. What a joke

THIS IS NOT AN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL! webste is all copied generic nonsense

Hi.....that MAZ school sounds like a real gem....

Does your school require a teacher's license?  I do not have that, only a Ph.D. and 20 years of experience.  I am also looking for a place for my fiancee who has 14 years of experience as a native Chinese language teacher.

Any suggestions?


It's nice to know that, you are offering help! I'm also coming to Subang and looking for a teaching job over there. I have teaching experience of 15 yrs. Please do me a favour, I don't have any idea about how to get a job there carrying a tourist visa as without getting a job, I cant get any other visa. Please let me know if you have any idea. I just want any type of teaching job, school/ college/ university/ language centre anything!
I'm a certified English lecturer here, and also conducting IELTS classes, spoken English classes.

Tasmina dont come to Malaysia because the jobs probably wont be available until next school year.  Just look up all the school websites and see their vacancies and apply. Check out Times Educational Supplement international jobs online as well. Dont waste your time and money as you need to get an interview and they are usually conducted on certain days once the vacancy has closed.

I was offered a teaching position at a school in Melako (?)....but there was something a bit odd about the contract.  It said that life and medical insurance would be provided, BUT, the school would be named the beneficiary.  So if I get killed in a plane crash the school would receive something like 500,000 ringgit.

Has anyone ever encountered something like that before?

Also, the MAZ school says I must live on campus.  Is that a standard practice in Malaysia?

One more.....since I do not have a TEFL or teacher's license..(just a lot of experience and a Ph.D.)...can they give me a proprer work visa?   I heard that in Malaysia it was a national law that teachers must have TEFL or license from their home country.

Any input is greatly appreciated.  I have been around and the stories I am hearing about Malaysia almost sound as bad as in China....!!

Hi i think a PhD does satisfy the MoE (strangely) we only employ QTS teachers but I think I read that somewhere. Living on campus as campus is in middle of nowhere (Shah Alam?) well nowhere as far as expats are concerned! That is a bit odd usually but they are boarding I think so normal.

Medical insurance is very odd. You mean Melacca? I know someone who works in a school there. they are looking for a job in KL. There is one pub (well not exactly but you get my drift). That is it. But if you like a quiet life ok.

if I were you take the MAZ one - 13k isn't so bad if single no kids if not QTS. If you have kids with free places also doable. If not runaway! The rationale is that at least you will be nearer KL and can network for a better job. Also History QTS teachers are plentiful and jobs are hard to get. So a reasonable job pays the bills is worth it.

Good evening. Please note that the real email address of MAZ International School is [email protected] (from their official website). Scammers use [email protected]. As you can see the difference is just in one letter (they substitute a for q in international). Be careful! Good luck!

Was very happy to have read this post here today, "Good evening. Please note that the real email address of MAZ International School is maz_international[at] (from their official website). Scammers use maz_internqtional[at] As you can see the difference is just in one letter (they substitute a for q in international). Be careful! Good luck!"

I received a job offer, including contract from MAZ. Happy to have read this to know that my offer was actually from the Scam email address, All correspondence from the person below.
Yes, as has been written in this forum, Be Careful.

Mr. Inderjit Singh Sekhon
MAZ International School

No.1 MAZ House,
Jalan 20/19, Paramount Gardens,
46300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: 603-787429319, 608-03086453

so what is the scam being pulled?  what is the point of  sending people job offers?

MONEY - the punters have to pay for travel, visas, etc. to the scammers. Some job scams ask people to pay for a security profile to be conducted as well. Any excuse to get money.

I want to know about MAZ shah Alam.Thinking for my daughter for ye 4.Can you tell me bad part of school or ur experience.
        Ur reply will be really appreciated.