Malaysia Employment Pass II and MOE Processing time for approval


I am from India. I have been offered a senior lecturer in a private university, malaysia. How long will it take to get approval from MOH and immigration for VDR?. Please guide me in this matter. Your guidance is highly appreciated.

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MOE or MOH are different processes. MOE is straightforward application for approval. If its a medical university this is more complex as it also involves the sponsorship process for a temporary annual practice certificate.

Hi Gravitis,

Thank you for your reply. I think APC is only required for medical doctors. I am a PhD doctor. my application is still pending with MOHE for approval since last month. Any stipulated timeframe for them to approve the submitted application? Thank you in advance

The average time to complete all phases (this includes you collecting the VDR from the Malaysian consultate in India) would be 4-6 weeks.

Hi Gravitas,

Thank you for your reply.  I appreciate you very much for your immediate reply. Hope to join the job soon.

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I got an email from an employer stating that latest income tax e-filing and EA form for further processing as i had an employment in Malaysia earlier (2008 - 2014).  Additional information, undergone higher education from 2014- 2018 so no e-filing done.

is there any way to obtain the latest income tax e-filing and EA form from income tax department?

guidance please

If you did e-filing, log-in to your account to retrieve the information

Thank you very much

Hi Gravitas,

Employment pass status is in pass issuance stage now. The application was submitted on 9 April and it was approved today.

Thank you for your guidance

Hi Sorna/Gravitas,

My EP also got approved recently and the HR has sent me the EP approval and Visa approval letters and she wants me to go to Mumbai to the single entry visa stamp on my passport.

Do you know if we need to take an appointment before we go? If yes, what is the process for that? Also, do they return the passport immediately or do we need to submit it and later collect it/they courier it back?

Thanks for your help on this.


Congrats. Need to submit the documents along with passport in person. we can get it back either by courier or in person. No need to get an appointment based on my previous experience. There is a processing time to get the passport (3-5 days). Please check it. They change it frequently.

Thanks Sorna and congrats to you too.

Do you have any link where I can check this? I tried looking at their website but it doesnt say anything.

Thank you. I have done single entry visa stamping in VFS Global service for malaysia, Gopalapuram, chennai. Just look at VFS Global service. you may get some idea about processing time and procedure

Thanks again, this was really very helpful. I called the VFS call center and they explained the process. Once I get my flight tickets I will go ahead and submit all the documents there.

Thanks a lot and all the best for new job.

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