Support letter from MoHE for employment pass

Dear Friends
I have been offered a teaching position in a medical college at Malaysia. I am from India. This is my first employment in Malaysia (under category I). Employer is waiting for support letter from Ministry of Higher Education to proceed for applying the employment pass. Hope employer has submitted all required documents, since it is a renowned educational institution with expats. (I hope documents were submitted in the last week of Jan or first week of Feb, 2021). How long will it take to receive support letter from ministry of higher education for employment pass? Your suggestions are highly appreciated. Thank you.

Things are slow due to Covid and lockdown. whole process may take upto 3 months. Pls make sure that this position is exempt from local job posting or fi not exempt, follows the due procedure of advertising locally for 30 days then take approval from their social security org.

Dear Gaurav.a. Sriva,

Thank you for your kind suggestions


Hope you are doing well and you have received your employment pass endorsed at the time I'm writing this comment.
I have a question regarding the processing time. I got lecturer position (category II) and I submitted all required documents to the university on 10th March. Till now, there is no update from them. I'm really worried that I passed a very tough interview and every thing was ok, but still hasn't got passing stage 1 confirmation. When I asked the HR of university, they said they are waiting whether they are allowed to hire expat. I cannot understand them, I did interview, got accepted and I sent all my original documents to them, now they are saying like this.
I really appreciate it you could give me any suggestion concerning this matter.


ep 2 shud be difficult for expats. in Malaysia govt wants to promote locals. if the salary offered is less than 15k ringgit per month, then employer need to advertise jobs in local job portal for a month and prove that no local was fit for the position. since ep2 itself is less than 10k, its difficult. I don't want to discourage but this is the reality. Try to get a position where salary is above 15k. Then there will be good chance.

Many thanks for your reply.

Do you know how long it takes to release the first result of acceptance or rejection?  I'm currently in Malaysia and in Sarawak state under student pass, while the university I've applied for is in Selangor.

First ur University shud tell u whether it has completed the 30 days of local job posting or not and whether it has taken the approval from socso for expats offer. if that process is complete then ur ep approval process will take around 6 to 8 weeks.

Thank you very much. Sorry, it is my first time I'm applying for ep and I do not have any experience.

I think they are in the middle of getting approval from SOCSO, since the person in charge told me they are waiting whether the company gives permission to hire expats. So in this case, it takes more than usual.
First they told me till the end of March you will get approval, but I think they weren't aware of the process at all. They just asked me to prepare all relevant documents while currently at this stage with SOCSO it should not be needed and it is permission for them to hire expats.

I wish u all the best !

Dear Kaveh Moghadasi,

Thank you, Hope you are doing well. Happy to hear that you have got placement as lecturer. I am also in same situation, I haven't received any update from employer regarding the status of EP.
All the best

Dear Gaurav A Sriva,

Thank you for you kind suggestions, details by you are highly helpful.
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Dear Mithuraj,

Many thanks for your reply. I hope you receive an update very soon, since MCO has been lifted and immigration has started to work since second week of March.
Has your employer received permission from socso to hire expat? mine is still at this stage. My application hasn't been sent to immigration yet. The HR told me this is because of new rules and we are not sure how long it takes.

Dear Kaveh

please don't  confuse between MOE and immigration
MOE takes time more than 40 working days all MOE staff recently change.
After MOE case refer to Immigration
without MOE approval immigration can't do any thing


Dear Shoaib,

Thank you very much for your comment.
Is it for people who have graduated from outside universities of Malaysia? Because I graduated from one of the public universities of Malaysia for my PhD. Should the process be the same for me as well?
Thanks for your consideration.

Dear Kaveh

Process is same for every 1
we people only wait


Dear Kaveh Moghadasi,

Thank you. I haven't received any update from employer.


Dear Siddiquishoaib

Thank you for the details


Thank you everyone, for your suggestions.
Employer received support letter from MoHE. Further they will be submitting application to the ESD. According to ESD website it may take 5 working days for approval. I understand it may take longer too, at present situation. Since the employer is well experienced in expat recruitment, hope my documents required for the ESD approval are in order.
As well as deadline to submit my papers to present institution is close. Hoping at this stage there will not be any hindrance for approval. However, I have a question: are there any chance of approval denial from ESD?.


great to find someone facing same issue...

I also the same...I got offer letter from a government university....

the applied for immigration by early far still waiting for immigration approval of my EPand VAL. public university apply via ESD?
or they directly deal with immigration?

I'm also in the same situation. I got my approval in early March from MOE and I've been waiting to hear back from immigration (ESD) since then
With the new MCO 3.0 it seems it would take much longer since schools have closed again..
Are there any new updates though? And how can we follow up with ESD?

I have not received any updates. Waiting with patience

Just wondering, will ESD be closing during the full lockdown and all immigration papers will be put on hold during this period? Will our visa processes be further delayed due to this recent lockdown?


I sent an inquiry of my EP processing to MEDC and they did reply. I suggest you send an inquiry to ESD.

Here's their reply:

Greetings from eXpats Service Centre!

We refer to the recent announcement made by the Government of Malaysia on the first phase of 14 days total lockdown during MOVEMENT CONTROL ORDER 3.0 (MCO) due to the rising number of Covid-19 cases in the country. Please be informed that eXpats Service Centre including Immigration Unit (Expatriate Services) in MDEC will be closed effective from 1st until 14th June 2021
or until/after the lockdown is lifted. As such, companies are required to observe the followings:

1) Endorsement of Employment Pass/Dependant Pass/Other Related Pass and Services

The Centre is still open for collection of endorsed passports on 31st May 2021.

As such, all appointment that has been booked will be automatically cancelled. Companies may proceed to book a new slot for 15th June 2021 onwards or after the
lockdown is lifted via

2) Approval Stage

Online application of Approval Stage will continue to be processed. Due to the current
condition, please expect some delay on the processing of the approval.

Thank you for sharing that!
I emailed ESD and they said they couldn't find my application using my passport number alone, and told me to refer to my company LoU whether they have submitted my application via ESD or another agency. What does LoU mean? Did anyone have this experience before?

Dear Riri Bells and Rozi3,

Thank you for sharing the details.
It would be helpful if you can share me the email ID of ESD and any specific format for enquiry.

I got their email from the ESD website. I didn't follow any specific format and I just asked about my visa

Dear Rozi3,

Thank you for your suggestions.

Hi Mithuraj,

Have you received your visa approval yet?

Hi Asmagholiass

I have not received any approval yet

Hi Mithuraj

Any news on your visa?
I am still waiting for mine

Hi Rozi3,

Still I am waiting for ESD approval

Hello @Mithuraj hope you are doing well, can you please update your status?
How long it took for you from submission of documents to MOHE and  approval from ESD ?
Your valuable comment might clarify my doubts
Thanks in advance !