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I am relocating to Malaysia from Singapore where I have an Indonesian maid since 4 years. I would like to bring my maid to Malaysia and re-employ her there to work for me but I have been told from and agency that I asked to help process her works/visa that I must have children under 15 or elderly ill parents living with me to be allowed to have a maid in Malaysia. Is this correct and does anyone know if there is any way around this ?


The only thing that comes to mind is when the employer submits the application for employment pass and dependent pass, they also submit for the Visit Pass (Temporary Employment) page 26. … r-2017.pdf

An explanatory letter should provide proof of previous employment in Singapore. If the application is rejected, An appeal can be made.

I think there is a difference between hiring a foreign domestic helper and an Expatriate bringing their existing maid with them

Just so you are aware - here are the terms for FDH … r-fdh.html

In amongst this are important things to put into the Contract of Employment for the maid to be accepted by Malaysian authorities.

Hi. I am new here in I would like to seek for your advice regarding my situation. I have been hired for penang as senior technical analyst. My single entry visa is already approved and released. I am still here in Philippines. I will be bringing my 8months old baby (will be holding dependent pass) together with my first degree cousin to look after him. Now, is it possible to apply my cousin as foreign domestic helper which I will be her employer? But since I am still here in the Philippines, can I also apply her for single entry social visit visa so I can bring her along with me and apply for working permit once we arrived in Malaysia? Based on my research, I am eligible enough to hire a foreign domestic helper. But I am not sure what visa is applicable for her. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.


The domestic helper must already be employed by you. They can then follow you under the terms of your Category II employment pass.

The only way for her to work in Penang is using an agency such as This is because of all the clearances required in the Philippines under labour rules.

Only Malaysian citizens can use the online Domestic Helper hiring method.

Thank you so much. For this reason, I might not be able to apply her a social visit pass directly to embassy of malaysia here in Philippines by myself? If this is the case, how will I be able to bring her with me by the time I will be travelling to Malaysia? Will the agency you have given allow me to apply for her as her employer even if I am not yet in Malaysia and have not started my work there? Thank you.

No you can't apply for any immigration yourself. It is not possible to convert a tourist entry to a work permit of any type (that's why you have a single entry VDR which the company arranged).

The agency may sometimes help out by processing your request for a specific person (they usually work with an agency in PH) to be employed by you. The process takes several months though.

There is also a minimum monthly salary you must pay her which is about RM1600 (i.e. equiv. of USD400)

Speak to the agency about whether they will accept your VDR to begin the process. It's very expensive though.

I see. I'll contact an agency instead for her employment. Thank you so much. And process from there.

I suggest you also talk to a maid agency in PH to get some more details. They may be able to suggest how to simplify the situation through their contacts in Malaysia.

For sure any DH needs medical in home country (FOMEMA) and clearance in PH.

Hi again. Do you have an idea how much it will cost to process nanny's working permit in malaysia?

I am in process of moving to Malaysia from Oman. My EP and DP for family has been approved.
Can I know which agency I could contact to bring my maid with me?


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I know you have posted a while ago but would like to know if you managed to rehire your maid as I have the same concern. Thank you.

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If you are looking to hire a maid or if you are looking for a job as maid, please feel free to post in the jobs in Malaysia section.


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