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i wanna get some info regarding Malaysian calling visa,
For example i am in Malaysia on a visit visa so can i get a calling visa there, while there is a visit visa on my passport?

Calling visa is obtained from the Malaysian consulate in home country - to facilitate entry to Malaysia. So you would have left Malaysia and used your current visit visa before the VDR (calling visa) could be issued.

clarification on "calling visa".What is the work of a "calling visa" VS "visit visa"?

Visit  visa = tourist visa
Callung visa = visa with reference VDR- meaning it refers to a work permit approval granted by immigration.

A VDR is required to enter Malaysia to work. After arrival it can be converted to the work pass.

A visit visa means have to leave before it expires.

VDR is obtained at Malaysian consulate or high commission by showing the work permit approval (visa approval letter)

I got a offer company from Malaysia Bintulu Sarawak , They submitted for calling visa on 30th October 2019, now 2 months 10 days finished and still not received visa.

How long will take to get calling visa and is there any link to check update with passport.

Usually, when your EP (work visa) is approved, the VDR (which you call it as calling visa) application document will be available.

So, you need to get the VDR document and apply it at the nearest Malaysia high commission/ embassy. 

Then, how fast the VDR can be processed is depends on the Malaysia high commission/ embassy at your region.

Please note: VDR is not equivalent to EP.
EP is employment pass for you to work in Malaysia.
VDR is a one-time-entry-pass for you to enter Malaysia. After enter, need to proceed to EP sticker endorsement as soon as possible.

Please check with the company on the progress. Only they will be able to check on the application progress. Usually, it will not take so long to process... unless they submitted wrong documents and need to amend and resubmit for many times.

What is your country of origin?
Which section (construction or agriculture or factory workers) are you in?

how to find visa sponser company in malyasia  . . How to approch thos company

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Hi my is marilou obillo I ask if how I get calling visa and what agency,,I'm here in phillipines but I want to going Malaysia with calling visa,,what can I do,,pls can u tell me,,

@mustaq7520 how apply for work visa how can I will get good company in Malaysia

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@dintini2912 factory worker

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