How to check Employment pass application status online

Hi my friends,
I am now in Vietnam. I submitted documents for employment pass application to my new employer on 21/1/2022 but I do not hear any updates so far. They just told me that they r processing and ask me to wait for updates if any.
I tried to check visa application status for expat in this web: with my passport number and the company registration No. but no result found. Because it have been too long, I am kinda worried.

I just want to know if the way I tried to checked is proper? Or any way that I can check/ know whether my employer process my case already or not ....
Thank you very much

did the company say they applied the visa thru ESD? maybe the reason it's not showing is they didn't apply there. there's another one for expats which is MDEC. however for MDEC application, there's no way to check online.

Good day! May I know how many days it took to be approved? Is it 14 working days or earlier than that?

Sometimes it's longer than that. For some people or took more than a month. It also depends on your company how they are following up. Usually ESD is faster than Mdec. Check with ur company whether your visa is under ESD or mdec. If under mdec you can't check status, only ur company will be able to. In that case you can ask your company to share the mdec acknowledgement.

@hoanngotn Do you know your employer applied through MDEC or ESD? The website you are checking will hold records that are applied through ESD only.