How to clear overstaying in malaysia


I've a valid EP visa in malaysia and i want to apply for dependent visa for my parents (who already overstayed here in malaysia for quite long time...)...

my parents needs a special care and they have health conditions and they cant go outside the country the only one who taking care of them here in malaysia...

i've also a medical reports to prove their health conditions ...

my question is:

i know it was a big mistake for my parents for overstaying that long but now am trying to fix that... so is there any way to apply them for a dependent visa without blacklisted or requiring to exit the country?

thanks in advance...

It's tricky to acceptAnyway there is a chance to extend with covid and health conditions.. u can find more at All the best

@james123123 hi.. i have a team handling student guardian dependent pass here in malaysia. And one of the guys said it can be done. But how do i contact you?

@Shirliza Ann Sedai i DM you, kindly check

I will go to the Malaysian immigration and ask. Remember, some people may offer a way out because they want you to pay them. So be careful. Typically there are different fees the person has to pay if they overstated for less than a year which can range up to 1500 rm however if the person stayed over a year it will start going up a lot.

I wish you the best.

Some accommodation can be made IF immigration is still in "covid mode" but I dont know. In normal times the person would either be deported or have to pay a fine of RM10 or RM30 a day, I cant remember, and they dont negotiate. Immigration can do so much for a person provided they have followed the rules and overstaying is the worst rule to break, medical reason or not. Even if I was severely ill I would have crawled on my belly to be out on time just to not break that rule. But, dont wait any longer, get in to Immigration and beg your case.

@Shirliza Ann Sedai hi, what type of overstayed cases will your friend take? Someone I know needs help. Thanking you in advance.

Overstay waiting time to clear take few month can help to make it early

how many over stay fine for malaysia