Is there a grace period to stay in Malaysia after EP cancellation?

Good day, I have a question. Hoping that someone can help me.

My Employment Pass validation is until May 24, 2023 and my last working day in the company is on April 16, 2023. I am planning to go back to my country on April 30, 2023 and already bought a flight ticket.

HR told me that they will shorten/cancel my pass until my last working day which is on April 16, 2023.

My question is, is there a grace period that I can stay in Malaysia after the EP cancellation? Or I need to go back on my country immediately once my EP has cancellation stamp?


There is a grace period of 1 month. If you need more time to leave you can apply for a special pass within that 30 day period.

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Hello guys. I'm actually going through a similar situation here.

My HR applied to cancel my EP on my flight date, but the airline advises to not travel on the last day of the visa in case of flight cancellation etc.

I still didn't submit my passport to MDEC for EP cancellation, so there is a room to amend things if needed.

Therefore I wonder, will my EP be valied only until the date my HR applied to be my last day of visa (23 May 2023)? Or will they give me a specific number of days after my last day of work (20 May 2023)?

Please provide information if anyone has a similar experience. Transitioning out of Malaysia is not very smooth sometimes. Hope I can get your help :)

Hope you pull through it smoothly too, Moha !

Just updating in case this helps someone else in the future.

The EP will be only valid until flight date, there was no grace period in my case.

If more time is needed during emergencies, the company must help the expat to apply for a special pass. The special pass will be granted for uncontrollable reasons such as health, or flight cancellations.

Good luck :)

@Moha Sawyer I'm truly sorry Mora for the late response regarding your message to me. Thank you for updating this article and yes, the process that you mentioned is correct. 1f601.svg

Thank you for this information and I hope it will help our fellow expats in the future. 1f60d.svg

I have a similar Q.

Can I apply for a special pass myself?


@Moha Sawyer

@magnuspenang Hi, my EP will expire on Nov 2023 but my Visa is until 2024, can I still stay here until January 2024? And can I work here under service sector by any chance? I was looking for an agent to help me with Service Visa but I can' t find one. Do you process it?

@magnuspenang Thank you for the information:) By the way can I know your reference?

@magnuspenang Hi Thank you for the information. It is helpful for me. By the way, I would like to know your reference regarding this, Would you let me know the reference?

Hi, need your assitance on this.

my current EP visa will expire next week (January 31) do I need to fly back on my country on that date? because my new employer is still processing my new visa.

I am very worried as it will take time. They previously mentioned to me that I dont need to go back home since EP Category will just be the same so I cancelled my flight which supposedly last Jan 14 without any refunds from my end.

what can i do for them help me sort this out?