Gamca GCC approved medical test

Hi do we have any GCC approved medical centres in Malaysia? Very urgent pls someone respond

In my understanding, the GAMCA centres are located only in certain countries like (India, Bangladesh and PAK etc). If you are a resident of Malaysia (immigration of GCC may ask for your valid resident permit if you are applying from a country other than your home country), you can get the test done from any medical centre (Pantai/mediviron clinics etc) and need to get the NONGAMCA form filled by a medical officer. It depends on which country you are heading to.  You can find the sample of NON GAMCA form for Bahrain (

Please check the requirements from your employer and they are a better person to guide you.

I hope this helps.

Is there any Gcc (GAMCA) approved Medical center in JB, Malaysia...?

@Gopinath Rajaram, Any centre in JB, can issue the certificate ( Pantai or Mediviron clinics). Use the format shared by employer to obtain the certificate