Visa for my School-aged kids and me

I'm a mother of 2 daughters, eldest is 15 and in her AS year and the younger is 7 and in her year 2. When my eldest child completes her A-level program I want to take her to Malaysia for her higher education. The problem is that I don't want her to go alone and I want to be with her till she completes her education. Since this is my plan I can't leave my younger daughter alone back home. Hence, how can I get a visa for the three of us until my eldest daughter graduates from university? I would like to mention that I don't have any plan to work or do anything but guard my daughters. Can anyone tell me whether this plan of mine will work in Malaysia or not!!? From where do I start? How do I start? And when do I start the process?
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well it is really good that you want to be with your daughter in Malaysia to guard her. Procedure is quite simple. You have to apply for visit visa for three of you that is quite cheaper. Then after coming to Malaysia you must consult someone who know the legal procedures. Because when three of you would be on visit visas in Malaysia then your eldest daughter can get student visa that is student pass, younger will have to be the dependent one and you can bear her dependency if you get the resident visa. All this will be done at Malaysia, if anyone tries to ask u to get student visa, resident visa, dependent visa, work visa from your country then it might be scam.

Because only way to enter Malaysia is the visit visa, and once you enter Malaysia then you can apply for other statuses.

i am not sure where u seem to b getting ur info atif but u r absolutely wrong in most of your comments. pls do not give advice if u do not know the answer.

hi mirza, i would suggest u first figure out which school u want to send ur daughters to. then contact the school for admission. upon acceptance by school, they will process the student pass for ur daughters. u will get a visa to accompany ur children but u wont b allowed to work in malaysia.

dont take my word. here is a reliable link: … mmigration

hi mirza
carlyle is absolutely correct, it seems atif has commented without proper knowledge and wrong information can be very misleading and costly

Thank you carlyle! I appriciate your help and the link you had sent me was very helpful indeed! Again thank you!:)
Along with that I want to thank the others who had tried to help me too! Thanks!

Guys I haven't got the wrong information... my research is proper and the procedure that I suggested is the one authenticated as per the regional categorization for Visa applications. You know that it all varies around the world to get visa for Malaysia...? Like in my country Pakistan the procedure is different and on the other side in USA if a person wants to enter Malaysia it would be quite different as compared to the Pakistan.

I have already posted a topic regarding Professional Work Permit in this forum but unfortunately I haven't got much response... I shall be thankful to you people if you provide me some information and it really could make the picture clear in my mind if I get anything wrong like you said before.

maybe you have not got any responses cause your information is incorrect

caesar1956 wrote:

maybe you have not got any responses cause your information is incorrect

But I didn't provide any information in that post rather I asked for it my dear friend!

i reckon ,,try again

hi atif, about the work permit, it is unfortunately tougher to get than a student pass. it is a catch 22 situation where u can get a work permit only if u have a job and you can get a job only if u have a valid work permit :-) i personally got transferred here, but there are others who have got job offers in their home country to move and work in malaysia. my wife who is on a dependant pass has been looking out for a job is finding it tough. so its not impossible but dont have high hopes either. hope this helps.

Hello everyone this is Zee Mirza and I hope every one is doing well. I've come here again with a serious and important matter I wish to discuss with you.
As I mentioned before it's time for me to shift to Malaysia as my daughter is about to finish her higher education in about 4-6 months. As I told you before I'm planning to go with her and my younger daughter and currently I'm looking for good universities and school which are relatively close to each other and my home as well as I'll be living there as a single mother since my husband decided to remain in Saudi Arabia to support us. So I wanted to ask you guys about the best med school there, that is reasonable price and good for girls.
The second thing I wanted to ask, which is something I want everyone here to answer. Is it possible for me to be an investor and begin my own private business. If so what kind of a respectable business can I run while i'm living there with my daughters.
Again thank you for giving me your advice and I hope everyone here reading this will help me again. 

Hello Zee, The first step is for you to get your girls enrolled in schools.  They can then apply for a Student Visa and you can apply for a Guardian visa. I don't know the terms of the Guardian visa and whether it will entitle you to work in Malaysia.  I have never seen anything written about that, but can ask someone who has gone this route and see if they have some answers.

The cost of education in Malaysia is quite high.  If you take a look at various schools at this website, you will see it is between RM15-25 for junior education. … r-selangor

I do know a new school that is opening in January that may be of interest:  Emmanuel Learning Academy in Puchong. Tel.: 012-3899215 (Peter), 012-2688471 (Carmen). No website as yet.

There are lots of med schools in Malaysia. You could not only look in the KL are, but also on Penang Island. Here is a list: … %20MQE.pdf

If you want to set up a business here you need to open a company, make an investment of RM350k to RM500k. The larger figure is if it is a 100% foreign owned company with two foreigners as directors. The lower figure is a partnership with a Malaysian.  Lastly you would apply for a work permit (employment pass) as a director of a company. This website provides lots of information.  There are quite a lot of restrictions on types of companies foreigners can own and licences are required. … oreigners/

If you could get a qualification to teach English, you could probably find work.

Hello I'm here after more than ten years and seeking the same advice for my children as Mrs Zee Mirza.I want to get my kids in a school in Malaysia but cannot afford a very expensive school.I hope Mrs zee you're still active on this thread as you have first hand experience on the matter.

I want to enter and line in Malaysia in a legal way ..please guide .