Single Mom moving to Mauritius - Where is a safe place to stay?

Hi everyone,
I am a single mum of one and would like some advice on where to stay that would be safe, economical and friendly. any advice will be greatly appreciated. thanks :)

Well in general Mauritians are friendly people and its safe here.
You can check out areas like Mon choisy and trou aux biches in the north.

Hello Espyluv and welcome on board

As stated by clintonjay, Mauritius is rather safe 'everywhere'.

Expats prefer the North ( Grand Baie, Mont Choisy, etc) , or West Coast ( Flic en Flac, Tamarin )

Others coming for work prefer Moka , Eben, Quatre Bornes region.

Tell us some more : What you are coming here for and what would you expect as facilities nearby?

We shall do our best to advise :top:


Mauritius is a safe place all over in my opinion :) Just depends what you looking for in areas :)

korn1 :

Mauritius is a safe place all over in my opinion :) Just depends what you looking for in areas :)

I have to agree with korn1 on this :)

I suppose being a single mum you would have to take into consideration your child, i.e. Nursey/schools etc and if your going to be working - what area is your job

You will find Mauritian people very friendly always remember a smile goes a long way :)

Mautitius is relatively very safe and secure, but as for staying, you must know what you like, crowd, quiet,far from busy streets ect

near police station ;)

Am moving to Mauritius alone with my kids in Jan (my husband works in Maldives) - i have chosen Grand Baie - but as others say depends what your priorities are. I would recommend a complex or appartment as opposed to an isolated house. I like the North of the island. I have never felt unsafe here.

Thank you very much everyone for the warm reception.  I recently completed my cancer treatments and would like to rest awhile therefore my proposed trip to Mauritius.  I would love to stay for 3-4 months with my daughter.

If you're coming here to relax and unwind, then look for places near beach-areas.

Ideally, I think Grand Baie would suit your needs. There won't be as much culture-shock (with many foreigners/ex-pats) and from what I hear about the beaches, it will be an experience of a lifetime.

Also, congrats on your successful cancer treatment.

Wishing you a full, speedy recovery.



Please check for a safe and secured accommodation.

Even tho some Mauritians might looks scary :p ... It's pretty safe everywhere on the island. However, I would recommend the north (Trou aux biches, Mont Choisy, Grand baie) as most of the expats are living there.

come and live along with a good family. you will learn mauritius quickly as such. better you rent a 1st floor house . it will be safer . you can try places like pamplemousses and calebasses or triolet.

Hi hope you are fine. Still thinking to move to Mauritius or are you already here?

Hi ,Quatre Bornes, Flic en Flac is the best place to stay in Mauritius. Because there are lots of English and french school and lots of facilities. There are almost all facilities in Quatre Bornes- flic en flac is 10 min, port louis 20 min, air port is 40 Min  etc..  Studio in flic en flac may cost you around rs 15,000 monthly and a house may cost you around rs 10,000 in quatre bornes. good luck

Hello dear friend,
Mauritius island is  a nice place to stay, everywhere you will be safe and you can start a new life,
my favourite place on the island is Noth coast and East coast


hi, welcome to mauritius dear.surely you will love it here.mauritius is a great and beautiful island and the people too.i can say,almost anywhere on the island is safe.that depends on you.what are you looking for,what kind of environement you want.if you can,tell me a little about you,if you don't will be a pleasure for me to help you.

Nah...Not near the beach unless it is air conditioned.  The mosquitoes and muggy weather will be horrible . She needs to be somewhere where the weather is good.

Mauritius in itself is a safe place as Mauritian people are very kind and friendly.
Now if you want more security, I suggest you chose a flat in a gated complex with security 24/7.

i would the suggest the north of mauritius
places like grand baie/pointe aux cannonniers/trou aux biches and mont choisy are good places

you may call on ***, salem

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Flic-En-Flac is very safe place , the police station is central and the village has a large number of monitored cctv cameras on the roads, shops etc are plenty as well as pharmacy,  there are several good schools nearby including the International primary school at cascavelle which has nice shops as well.  Climate wise it is not muggy like some places yes it does get a lot of good sunshine but offset this in that most apartments have solar water heaters so you get hot water for washing etc.

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Better you take a gated apartment

Hello Espyluv. When you come to Mauritius, make a friendly Visit at LINK TO LIFE, Cancer Support Centre, Britannia Park, Vacoas. My Wife work there. Welcome and Guidance 100 % assured there . Take Care.

gated complexes with security. avoid being too friendly with people you don't know well. don't invite people you don't know at your place. don't broadcast yu are living alone. violence against women seems to be on the rise. stay vigilant.  people are hospitable n friendly but you don't trust blindly either.

Hi all people  are right but alone and a child would advise you  in a security apartment for the first three months until you adapt with the Mauritian way of living and what  right for you and then look for a nice better place  to live.Take care and have nice journey to mauritius

I lived over 12 years in Mauritius Albion is ideal place for having peaceful life near to the capital portlouis near to Flic en Flac  and rose  hill  i have a property which I am selling for best price




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Hi if you are interested in trou aux biches let me know

Hi welcome to mauritius,
Mauritius is safe as well as unsafe as it depends where you are staying.
But moka region or quatre bornes region is good as shopping centres are at hand.
If you like near sea, I would advise you trou aux biches or pereybere as shopping centres are near but it all depends on your needs.

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