Ep rejected due to salary increase

applied: 14/02/2022
rejected: 03/03/2022
now prepare to appeal , salary increase almost 35% 4500 to 6200(sat ep min salary)
have any same reject reason? can get appeal approved?

"There was a significant change in the candidate's salaries compared to their past salaries. We need to ensure that you will be paying the salary and be convinced that the salary for the candidate is justified. For renewals, please show us proof of the actual salary paid to the candidate in the last 3 months. It will help your case if you can submit documents to show your company has the finances or other means to sustain your business operations, including your employee's salaries.”"

Obviously, MoM is concerned that the salary is too high for the job - and that the company cannot (or will not) pay it.
In the appeal, the company must convincingly address these questions. If not, the appeal will be rejected again.

thank you beppi.
my appeal submit:14/03
new company prepare the appeal letter/ employee's salary and other documents, i also prepared my past 6 month payslip/resume/reference letter etc, hope can get approved asap. it's so stressful

Hi there, I have received exactly the same rejection letter after waiting 8 weeks.  Now the appeal is in progress and we're now in week 2.

I am still confused to why this is the deciding factor.

Good luck with your appeal, I know it's a difficult time to go through :)

How did you get on?

still no any update, waiting for the result

After 3 weeks awaiting for the appeal outcome, the employer received a message that states " we know this appeal is important to you, however we need more time to review it.  We will make every effort to get back to you within the next 3 weeks."

I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing.  The originally application took 8 weeks before being rejected.  It's difficult to understand what the delay might be.

Hi, I received the same message last Friday. MOM said still needs 3 weeks to review it. it's so stressful waiting.
You can read many more examples of long processing times on this forum and elsewhere. If you cannot be patient, better don't apply - sorry!
@GerraintJay - Hi Gerraintjay - hope you are well. If you are comfortable sharing details, it would be good to understand your situation i.e. Current location, salary offered, industry and are you a first time applicant? 


Hi there,

I have an update to share.  My EP has now been approved for 12 months.  I hope this case study can help others.

Current EP granted in 2019 for 2 years, then renewed for an additional 3 years at a start up Marketing company.  With me as the only employee - salary originally at 6.5k then moved up to 7.7k

Received an offer for a new job and applied for EP on 12th Jan for a business development/ consulting role at a medium sized company with international offices - sector is finance/ tech.  Salary increase to 11k

2 months after application, it was rejected due to significant increase in salary compared to previous salary and more info needed for company finances.  We appealed with a justification letter, company accounts, business plans, headcount locals vs. foreigners etc etc.

4 weeks from appeal, it was approved for 12 months.  So it took just over 3 months in total. 

It's a shame that it's only for 12 months and will have to go through the same process again, but hopefully will be easier this time around for renewal.

I've been living in Singapore for 2.5 years already, with 14 years relevant experience and it's a director level role with quite specific requirements for consulting and client management.

Good luck to everyone on their journey, this forum has been a great help for me. 
Hello everyone,

@GerraintJay, we are very happy to hear that you were able to get useful information on the forum. 1f60a.svg


Expat.com team

@GerraintJay Congratulations on your EP renewal, you must be so relieved. If it's any reassurance to you at all, we have been hearing many people only having their EP renewed for one year, also at MD and even C level. Zero transparency as to why this and one of the few things we despise about living in Singapore. It's really a shame, hopefully the trend will change again in favor of us foreigners who have made Singapore their home. Wishing you best of luck in your new position.