IPA received but want to cancel and apply for another one

I received IPA from a company but meanwhile I have received an offer from another company where I want to join. Hence I called up the company for which I got IPA and asked them to cancel the IPA as required. This is because we cannot apply for an IPA if another one is still valid.

The company may delay the cancellation as they are saying that the concerned person is on leave.
What option do I have and is there any risk?

You need to get the existing one canceled before a new one can be initiated. Risk, well per MoM, you are a job hopper for monetary gains- so tread carefully.

Please don't mention or justify to me that the new gig is better than the one in hand, because if that were the case, you had an option not to pursue the one where the employer went ahead and offered a job, got your pass approved. It's choices you make.

Do take note, the employer may also submit a negative review on you as an applicant.

Anyways, good luck.

I suggest to go ahead with the first offer. Because in the current situation second time applications are getting rejected. And you will be flagged. I heard several scenarios like this . Kindly think several times and make a decision

Thanks for your replies. The first offer for which I got IPA is a 1 year contract job while the other one is a permanent one. Will that not be considered a valid case in favour of the permanent one which I want to take

Now the situation is bad here. So it is better grab the one which is in hand. And once the year over you may get extended in the same company. If not getting extended you can try then. Several applications failed for the second application on wards. Think several times and take action. Once you are done please update here. So that others will get to know about this scenario.

Dear All

I got approval today. I was very nervous about having to cancel the previous IPA and get a new one.
Thank you all for.your advise.

Hi, you mean you got approval for the second IPA, right ? Did you have to cancel the first one?

Hi I got approval  IPA ....I want cancel this IPA because boss don't want give parking allowance..so I asked my boss to cancel my IPA  since from 5 Jan until now...but my boss just keep quite don't want cancel..I already get new job..pls help wat should I do

@appujaya1710 The employer must withdraw the work pass application as soon as you terminate your eployment contract with them. (Make sure you fulfill the termination requirements like notice period and penalty, if any!) After that, MoM cancels the IPA.

If the employer refuses to withdraw the application although you terminated correctly, contact MoM with written proof of this!

@beppi can I call mom and cancel the IPA or need walk in? Can I get mom contact number I don't get it y the employer don't want cancel the IPA.o5 jan get approval on the same day I ask him to cancel..in future got any risk for new application ..thx

@appujaya1710 You should preferably contact MoM by email. But did you terminate the employment as per the contract's requirements (the notice period is usually a month or more, so if you just told them on 5.Jan.2023, you might still be employed by them!).

Of course changing your mind like this reduces your chances to get another work pass approved in future. MoM does not like time-wasters and job-hoppers!

Did you see your IPA letter? If not then don't believe what agent says.

If you have seen your IPA letter then reach out the employer and inform about the agent.

In Singapore, it's illegal if an agent or employer asking money for a job or apply your work pass or IPA approval. So don't fall in trap. Many scammers are faking everything, beware.