Possibilities of Staying in Johor Bahru

I have a job opportunity to move to Singapore but my husband would possibly take some time to get a transfer. At the same time getting a job in Johor will be easier.
Is it a good idea to live in Johor and commute to Singapore everyday?
We have 2 kids who will be going to school.

Please guide.


Malaysians who have EP or any kind of work pass to work in Singapore can live in Johar Baru (JB) and commute daily for work in Singapore. Others are not allowed, except below category with lots of painful daily check in and check out at Woodland check point (both sides).

MM2H requires foreigner applicants to have liquid assets worth a minimum of RM500,000 and offshore income of RM10,000 per month. And that range borders on insane-rich, even by Singaporean standards. Even if a foreigner purchase a RM1mil property, he is only qualified for place lower deposit AFTER approval. Go through the detailed requirements for your consideration.


If one so desires to live in JB to cut cost of living and is willing to waste hours commuting via 2nd Link and Causeway to Singapore for work, obviously he is not making that mint to benefit from MM2H. Good luck

Note: To obtain MM2H can take several months and to visit Malaysian authorities many times.

Thank you for your guidance.

But is it different if my husband gets a job in Malaysia ?

In our case, he is able to get a job in Malaysia and myself in Singapore . So can we stay in Johor Bahru and I commute to SG everyday ? Is it possible to buy a car and drive down ?

Thanks again !

I have told you already that other than Malaysians (with working visa), others can't do daily transit to Singapore. Secondly, if you don't obtain Dependable Pass (DP) in Malaysia then you are not allowed to stay in Johor. If your husband gets job in Malaysia then by rule he can stay there, if you and your children want to stay in Malaysia then you need to obtain DP.

You should be very clear that your EP in Singapore is only allowed you to stay and work in Singapore. If your kids want to stay in Singapore then they need to obtain DP under your sponsorship, whereas your husband can obtain his own EP or S pass or DP under your EP. Same thing can be applied in Malaysia.

Johor is just not like visiting one city to another (twin city where you just cross over driving your own car or using public transport). It will take hours to go through the hectic traffic at both side, run through two check points (Both in Singapore and Malaysia). Even you got MM2H, then this issue you have to face daily.

One suggestion, don't ever try to break rules here, it's not India that you will somehow getaway it. In Singapore, any wrong doings will be landed in big trouble including hefty penalties and lifetime ban entering this country again. So, don't do silly things without knowing it's consequences. Good luck

Thank you and the idea to check prior is to ensure that we comply by the law / regulations.


I did know foreigners living in JB and commuting to Singapore.
As Surya said, they needed residence visa for both countries and wasted lots of time travelling back and forth.
So, depending on your residence and workplace, it may be possible. (Try to work at Tuas and live at Gelang Patah, or nearby, and use the second link to make it more bearable!)
You also need an (expensive) Singapore car for this, as Malaysian cars are not allowed to cross often.