hi everyone. does anyone from sabah/sarawak below 35yo male working in singapore right now? does sabahan/sarawak still barred from applying job in singapore?

Hello singaporeborneo,

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Ok, let's see if I have correctly understood you...

You are looking for members aged below 35 yrs from SABAHAN & SARAWAK in Malaysia who are working in Singapore?

You want to know from them if people from SABAHAN & SARAWAK can apply for jobs in Singapore?

Is that it?

Well, I hope our members are able to clarify that for you soon1f609.svg

Yoginee team

@Yoginee yes, hope i can get some feedback regarding this matter. i didnt see any update since 2012 regarding this barred sabahan/sarawak below 35y/o can work in singapore even on MOM website.

@singaporeborneo hi, my friend is a male below 35yo from Sabah can get a job and WP approved here. However, another friend male sabahan was offered a job but WP is not successful, so it is depends on case by case basis from MOM. What can I advice you is you can try to apply job in SG but only make sure your WP/EP/SPASS approved then signed the offer letter from the company that hiring you

@roserosland The company can only apply for your work pass AFTER you accepted their offer!

Working in SG with EP, 30 y/o just recently


Is your male friend that had wp is chainess?? Or non bumiputra