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Hi all.

I am a Nurse from Malaysia. I have applied for my SNB in Feb 2023 through an Agency in Malaysia after signed contract with a hospital in Singapore . Since I applied through agency, I was not allowed to contact direct to HR, but the agent was very slow to reply or sometimes just didn't reply, at all. I took initiative and emailed to HR, asking regarding my SNB. Hr said will asked agent to contact once the SNB aprroved which is approximately in 3 months time. Is there any fellow nurses in here and how long do you waited for your SNB Approval and is there any ways to check?

Thanks for helping.


Me too. I'm still waiting for SNB approval  I passed my SNB exam october 2022 then passed all my credentials School and PRC last January 2023 until now I am still waiting for SNB approval it's been 5 months. My agent says there is still no update for SNB approval☹️

Believe Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) takes in and average processing time for verification of registration/enrolment is around 10 weeks or so.

Waiting more than 2.5 to 3 months is little higher side but check with HR so that they can directly liaise with concern division to get an update. Good luck

@Ru-Ann Maddawin

Hi sister. Looks like we both kind of stuck in the same situation. Kindly update in here if you get any news regarding your SNB soon. ❤️

Employment agents are known for often shoddy service and less-than-honest behaviour - especially if they are taking fees from the job-seeker (which is restricted and can be illegal under Singapore law). So consider the possibility that no SNB application has been submitted!

@Ru-Ann Maddawin any updates from your application?

@beppi hi beppi. I hve received email from SNB and the agency.. Saying that one of my documents incomplete, thus I have to re - submit the document. Currently waiting for my previous company HR to email to me the document I needed..guess I will have to wait another 4 months then.. 😅

@Ru-Ann Maddawin hi sister. Any updates on your SNB status?

Helo everyone may I ask if you guys have any idea of how long will it takes to approved the SNB application? I've been waiting since i passed my exam last January 2023 😭😒

@Darwinie  hi sis may I ask about the updates on you're application?

@carbonellziagrace hi sister. So far I am still waiting on the updates. Heard that it could takes up to 6 - 7 months to settle. Hopefully by end of this month we both will get the answer. 🙏

@carbonellziagrace hello, did you receive an email regarding successful submission of application for registration from SNB?

@Ru-Ann Maddawin did you receive any email from SNB?

@carbonellziagrace a friend of mine from same hospital, we both applied SNB in February this year.. She just got her SNB approved yesterday, while mine still waiting for updates from agent.. So.. I think, if applied through agency, must be more slower than if we applied by our own..

Hi.. i got answer from SNB after 6 months applied.. my SNB status IPA.. they said my document incomplete, transcript.. but i already confirm with MNB, they already emailed SNB VOT/VOR/ Logbook.. and HR give me a commencement date on Aug 7th.. but i still scared if my SNB still pending until that date.. and HR asked me to ender SG at least a week before commencement for MOM application and medical clearance..hurmmm..till now no final SNB approval.. if i enter SG, and rent a room in SG.. it is costing a lot if i still cannot start my work on Aug 7th..

@Hamba ????41 hi. So u mean, exactly 6 months applied u got email from SNB? If like that, then mine would possibly be on August oh.. U found room for rent already? U used what agency to apply?

And I think the Incomplete Transcript, they meant the one from our previous college / university. It was provided by our previous college / university. I've got mine, but i cannot share it here (PDPA).. It was sent directly from my college to SNB, with cc email to me..

It included our learning hours, subjects etc during our study. Because Malaysian nurses no need to sit SNB exam, that's why we need to show them our transcripts and VOR / VOT.


Hi wanted to ask what is your snb status now..

My agent just applied for me and they said will take around 6 month


Hi can I know what is your SNB status now.

Coz my agent just submit mine..ask me to wait for 6 month

@anita raj23

Hi Anita. I received mine already. Really hve to wait for 6 months. Mine was completed and received on 1st August 23 +/- 6 months after agent applied for me (16th February 23).


Thanks alot for the reply.. and want to ask did your agent ask you to pay 160sgd when applied for SNB.apply tru spore agency

@anita raj23

Welcome. I applied through Malaysian agency. I paid SGD60 for application only. Once approved, was paid by Company.

Dear you don't mind share in Malaysia which agency you apply from ..

@anita raj23

Is Melorita


Thanks alot dear. Really appreciate for your reply

@anita raj23

Welcome dear 🙏

Hi am from India,got SNB results on month of July,at the mid of same month completed my medical i spent money for that,now October coming ready they ask me to do medical again they said the medical validity only 3 months,completed my document verification from my college side and council side,but I didn't get any approval mail from SNB,then why agency ask me to do medical again, please kindly clarify my doubts thx.

@mithurengasamy What exactly is your question?

If it is "why agency ask me to do medical again", then you have already answered it yourself: "the medical validity only 3 months".

@Darwinie so it took 5 months ?


Hi hopefully you doing fine,

Wanted to ask..can I know how long time to take for you to approve s pass...