Do all EP application require medical test?

MoM website stated conflicted statement about medical check up. I read that all work pass should undergo a medical check up. However another source stated that "whether the candidate needs to go for a medical examination, which can be done after arrival in Singapore" which shows that the medical examination are not mandatory.

I consulted with my HRBP regarding this matter and he told me it is rare to undergo a medical check up for an EP holder. I'd like to know whether all EP applications require a medical test or if not, on what basis must a candidate perform a medical check up.

I don't really have an answer but during my first EP granted roughly 3 years ago, I was required to have a medical check up after arriving to Singapore. This time round my EP was approved again but no medical check up required.

i don't know really why my passport is reject can some one help me please

@nasilemak123 Only some EP candidates require a medical checkup. The criteria are unknown to us, but your approval letter will tell you whether you need one or not.

@shoponsk69 You are from Bangladesh according to your profile. If your passport application is rejected, you should deal with your country's authorities about it. Or what do you mean?

@beppi by estimate, do you know how often the EP application require a medical check up, in percentage maybe?

@nasilemak123 There is no public data available on this.

There is a low chance that you need a checkup if your work is happening 100% at the office, a higher chance if you need to visit some locations outside office environment