MOM rejected work permit

Im faizal from Malaysia.I want ask you'll about Singapore MOM.I just get job at Singapore,but MOM rejected my work permit.Their reasons only this :

we regret to inform u that your application is unsuccessful

I work at Singapore before almost 5 years then resign and settle everything include my income tax.Now i get better job in Singapore,but my work permit rejected by MOM.What i should do for MOM approve my work permit?

Hey Faizal... Im also in the same predicament. Maybe one of the reason it was unsuccessful is in this article - … ector.html
If anyone RECENTLY got a successful application, would you be so kind to share the experience/procedure etc. Thanks a bunch...

Faizal90 wrote:

What i should do for MOM approve my work permit?

It sounds as simple as it is difficult: To get a work pass you must fulfill all written and unwritten requirements set by MoM.
Now, without all of these being publicised or known (plus changes going on all the time), there remains an element of chance.
Basically, there is nothing you can do if you do not belong to the group that MoM desires - and very little you (or rather, your employer) can do if the rejection reason is unknown.

Hai there,
Having a same problem here. I supposed to start my training on 24 Oct. But on 15 Oct, my employer called and tell me that my work permit have been rejected and they will do a second appeal. Until now I didn't receive any news from them. Everytime I emailed or WhatsApp, they said that still pending with MOM. 😩

Did you check the current status in EPOnline? Secondly, appealing without addressing the root cause of rejection is futile.

If really your employer appealed then you need to wait for its outcome. But, meantime you should have asked your employer for the reason of your pass rejection. Good luck

My employer also don't know the reason. And one of my friend went to MOM, they said it is nothing to do with his education, race or age. He just not compatible with the company. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It doesn't make sense at all

Dylasabri: Your friend's WP being rejected has no implications on you - no two cases are the same and MoM looks at each one individually.
But in case you meant your friend asked for the reason of YOUR rejection: MoM does not disclose such information to anybody other than you and your employer - so I assume there was a misunderstanding on your friend's part.

But still, my company didn't even follow up with me regarding my work permit. Its already 40days since the second appeal. No email or text from them.

Dylasabri: You are free to contact the company and ask, if you want or need a status update.

I think I better contact MoM directly. Because my company not even reply my email. Btw, tenkiu for your help. 🌻

First i would like to apologise if my queries  has already been discussed in previous threads or timeline.
I am from Singapore, a filipino, 53 yrs old, had 12 yrs exp working in healthcare in Singapore. I resigned from my last job bec i got a better offer from another company. Cut the story short, i got offer, signed contract at new comp, tendered my resignation at current job, served 2month notice. Last nov18, my WP was cancelled and i left Sg so my WP can be processed . As healthcare worker, we need to get approval from AIC first before the employer  can proceed with WP application at MoM. AIC has already approved my application before my WP was cancelled. Nov 20, my new employer applied for my work permit and it was rejected bec of my age. During the whole time i applied to the new job up until the signing  of contract, my age is clearly stated there. Why the HR did not know this rule i have no idea! I would not have jeopardized my status if they have told me about this, i dont know as im just an applicant. I thought they offered me a job, then it means i am wualified on all counts. They said they put in an appeal Nov21. Up until now, i havent heard from the HR,,, i am stuck here in KL, cannot go back Sg bec of my pending appeal. My children( grown ups) are all in SG. Christmas is approaching. Can anyone pls tell me what are my chances for the appeal?
Thank you all in Adv

There are very few WP holders or applicants frequenting this forum, so our experience (and advice) is mostly for EP and S-Pass.
In those cases, we always say "Do not resign from your current job before the work pass for the new one is approved!", but this might be different for WP if, as you wrote, a new WP can only be applied for after cancellation of the old.
In any case, the employer is under no obligations to tell you all the visa requirements and can never give any guarantee at all that you will receive it. MoM decides and can reject for any reason they like!
If there really is an age limit, as you wrote, you are probably out of luck and my best advice is to look for a job elsewhere.

You may try to get a DP or LTVP as dependent of your kids instead.
Then you may even work on LoC - but please note that issuance os LoC is not assured either.

Hi Beppi,
Thank you for your immediate reply. You said the employer is under no obligation in telling me the visa requirement- it doesnt make sense at all bec why would they hire someone, who they know doesnt meet MoM standards?
My supposed to be employer said they have wrote in an appeal for reconsideration. But the problem is im stuck bec i cannot enter Sg while the appeal is pending, right? I need a miracle, Beppi

Gina1967 wrote:

it doesnt make sense at all bec why would they hire someone, who they know doesnt meet MoM standards?i

Maybe they didn't know it themselves?

Gina1967 wrote:

i cannot enter Sg while the appeal is pending, right?

Of course you can enter - if you have a valid visa (as ASEAN citizen, you can get an SVP on arrival).

Beppi, am i correct in the understanding that i can enter Sg, while i have pending WP appeal? Isnt it that the immig officer will see that when he scan my passport? Im a filipino, so i dont need a visa to enter SG

There is no rule against visiting while a WP application is processed, as far as I know.
But of course they will see your application, so they may ask questions. (And they can deny you entry for any reason they like, but that rarely happens unless they suspect you will do something illegal, like work before the WP is issued.)

Given  that my WP is cancelled last Oct18, can i come back SG, say Dec 5 for a holiday/ visit relatives? My children are all in Sg- son SC and 2 daughters PR.

Btw i am not a WP/FDW, i used to work in the Healthcare sector

And have been living in Sg for almost 12 years, PR before and on WP for the last 3 yrs4mo

Sorry for the staggered posts, really losing it here. Say, if i ask my employer to cancel the pending wp application.... can i come back to Sg ( given that i have been living in sg for many years) as a Tourist, like enter this second week of Dec? Will my years of living in Sg work to my disadvantage and also my family being there?

It will all count against you, as it is obvious that you don‘t want to visit, but live in Singapore. Thus an SVP (visit visa) is wrong.
Your two big mistakes were giving up the PR (why?!?) and resigning from your job before the new WP was approved.
Now you should wait until you have another residence visa (EP, S-Pass. WP, DP, LTVP or student pass). One short visit on SVP might be possible, but not more than that.

Giving up the PR is bec of very personal reason( marriage), and the WP being i have to resign first, then the new comp can apply for the WP, right?  What am i to do? Will a leter from MPs help in my WP appeal? My new company is not giving me any updates at all

Not necessarily you need to resign before new employer to apply your work pass. It can apply anytime but once it's approved then you can immediately request your current employer to accept your resignation then serve notice period.

I thought have to resign first snd have to be out of the country and current pass must be cancelled first before can put in new WP application. But i guess thats all water under the bridge now, my only hope us for the appeal to be approved- miracles do happen

There is also no need to cancel a PR when you marry. That was a stupid mistake when you intend to stay in Singapore again in the future.
Well, because of these you need to be lucky now if the authorities allow you to stay in Singapore again in future. You should make a plan B for another country in case it does not work out
I know this is heartless in your situation, but authorities do not have a heart!

Miracles do happen, just have to believe that.

Good luck - you will need it!

Good morning all. Beppi, can i ask my employer to cancel the WP application? Will it be immediate? Can i enter Sg as a tourist? As a filipino, i dont need a visa to enter SG. Do i need to ask my Landlord to remove my name on the tenant list? Thank you sorry for asking a lot,,just trying to weigh in my options and plan.

What's your purpose of visit? Immigration officer can see all your history including the WH result and withdrawn.

Yes, ASEAN country people can visit Singapore without requiring a prior visa but in your case is different as purpose of your visit should be rationale or else you may face questions at immigration checkpoint.

To visit my children and spend Christmas with them. I will in no way violate the MOM rules of engaging in any illegal work without a permit, i dont think anyone will employ me also for that matter. I just wanted to see my children

entry to Sg is under the discretion of the Immigration counter officer scanning my passport, right? So long as i am not violating any laws, ie trafficking, serious crime-things like that

Yes, if they don't see any issues by allowing you to enter then it's absolutely fine for you to visit. After reading your above message, you have a strong reason to back that you are visiting your children. Good luck

Can i ask my new employer to cancel the work permit application? Will that be a problem with ICA, if they see that? I do not have the liberty to wait indefinitely for the “pending”status. If i don not have that “pending”thing on my name, then i can plan on coming to Sg as a tourist. I cant apply anything, like DP or LTVP, if i cannot enter Singapore, right?

Visiting your children should be fine. You can ask your employer to withdraw the application, if you think no point waiting for the results. DP n LTVP can be applied by someone (your spouse) who can sponsor you.

Can my son who is Sc already, apply for me LTVP? He is married and wife PR, they have 1 girl who is also now a SC. Can i enter Sg a week after the cancellation of the WP application?

It is better in such a matter not to make emotionally tinged decisions that you may regret later.
I can only say again that Visiting on an SVP (from ICA) is independent of any pending work pass application (which is at MoM). Cancelling your WP application will not give you any advantages (or disadvantages) for visiting Singapore.
BUT: cancelling it might have grave implication for your chances to live and work in Singapore again. So if you want to do that, I recommend waiting for the result.

thanks beppi and surya2k for all the replies. But how long do i need to wait for the result? It can weeks or months and while it is in place, i cannot enter Sg, right? And if i cannot enter sg, theres no way i can apply for any other Pass? Im so sorry i am really so stressed and confused..i really do not know what to do. The company who is supposed to hire me, my HR contacts just replied that shes on a 2 week leave and will get back to me when she retirns to work. And the others, no reply at all? How can these people be so inconsiderate?

It seems you don't want or cannot understand. We stated this several times already, therefore I just quote here:
- Visiting on an SVP (from ICA) is independent of any pending work pass application (which is at MoM). Cancelling your WP application will not give you any advantages (or disadvantages) for visiting Singapore.
- DP n LTVP can be applied by someone (your spouse) who can sponsor you. (You actually cannot apply by yourself.)
I have no idea why you think these aren't  true. But in the end you of course make your own (right or wrong) decisions.

My boyfriend whose also Malaysian (JB) a work permit holder. He's looking for a new job too, and I am afraid that his WP will not be approve too. Not sure if there's any updated advice on whether MOM will specify the reason of rejecting his application.

Im so worried sick but couldnt do anything!!
Need some advice here, thanks!