If I am blacklisted by MOM, will I be able to enter as a tourist?

Hello everyone, I've been working in Singapore for half a year now and since I've started they've changed my working days, working location, and extended my probation (more working days, less pay) because I didn't perform my best while adapting to a new outlet. Recently my mom got sick and I'd like to go back to my home country and take care of her, but I can't afford to pay the salary in lieu of notice as the company has a three month notice period. I know there's a good chance I'll be blacklisted by MOM if I packed up and leave, but will I be able to visit as a tourist in the future still?

@Eduardo325 If your employer has highlighted this to MoM, yes, you will have an adverse record and cannot travel to SG (even as a tourist).

Curious, did you clear your dues with IRAS or even that's outstanding? If it is, you sure will have serious repercussions.

Not keeping your own promises will of course have consequences!

I can only advise you to, instead of illegally absconding, seek a mutually agreeable solution with your employer - from what you wrote, they might even be happy to see you leave.

(And in future, only sign a contract if you are sure you will keep it!)

I hello I am also black list pls help me how to I apply for visa in Singapore because my  gold in Singapore Max shop pls help me I working in Singapore 12 years no problem aney thing pls aney body help me 🙏🙏

@mt0310221 Contact ICA and try to get permission to enter!

Hi :I have work in Singapore 9 years I back my country 02-02-2020 until now my ipa is reject by mom can you help me I want work in Singapore again

@shoponsk471 Please read related forum posts - I think  this has been addressed before!

@mt0310221 call me ***

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My name riyas I am also blacklist ICA I how to check. I want to go singapore can? Pls help

@Riyas3327 As we wrote many times before (Please try to find an answer by yourself before posting here!), you should contact ICA and clarify things before you attempt any trip.

Hi im blocklisted in Singapore bcus of my pregnancy and mom blocked me do i still can go as tourist?

@canariajonah12 You did not mention enough details to understand your case. Why were you blacklisted and under which circumstances? Nobody gets banned just for being pregnant.

I was on student visa in Singapore last year, my mother caught me working, can I go back to Singapore on work permit now, I have mailed ICA, there is no reply from them

@Riyas3327 if your blacklisted as far as I know you can't enter because ban cannot how much more blacklisted

@genarivera14How will I know whether I am blacklisted or not because I mailed them but did not get any reply.

If just your mom caught you working (and did not report it to the authorities), then there is no problem.

But if you meant the authorities caught you working,you will be banned for many years or even forever.

You can only contact them to find out.

How will I know what status has my mom updated? I sent an email to ICA but did not receive any reply from them. How will I know whether my mom has put a ban on me or not?

When mom ban someone, does she send an email:

please tell me a solution as to how can I know my current status

and when I came to India from Singapore, mom called me and asked whether I was working at the same place, then I said no sir I have come to India, then mom said ok bye

Please reply me and give me any solution thanks 🙏

@khushgajra2 If this was all done by your mom, as you wrote, then ask her!

If, however, you mean MoM (the Singapore Minstry of Manpower) and not your mom, then you have to ask them.

Nobody here will know or be able to find out for you!

@beppi yes my mean is ministry of men power I mailed him to know my current status but I did not receive any reply. What should I do now?

@khushgajra2 Do not try to travel to Singapore (or look for a job here) without clearing this up with MoM and ICA first.

If you cannot clear it up, avoid Singapore for the rest of your life. Illegal work is a very serious offense and this is the consequence!

What does it mean( you are warned to refrain from any criminal conduct for a period of 24 months from the date stated on this warning( crime- free period).

and my Agent check my Employment history in MOM they notified " profile history cant retrieved" and is not illegibe for work pass"

does it mean I will blacklisted for 2 years? and can apply to work again in Singapore?

thanks for your all answers in Advance.!

@Babyconieasenjo You should check this with MoM - better than asking strangers on an Internet forum!