Hello everyone.

I just want to ask if can a PLOC holder do part time job and full time job at the same time?

Thank you in advance.

Very good question!

The "normal" Singapore work passes are tied to an employer and you can only work in one (full-time) job there. But PLOC is a different constellation, as "P" stands for "pre-approved", i.e. before you know your employer. I personally would expect only one job at a time is allowed, but I have no direct knowledge of the topic - and there was no discussion about it on this form yet.

Please call MoM to ask - and come back to report your findings here, so future readers can benefit from it, too!

@beppi Hello beppi. Sorry for the late reply. Here's the answer

PLOC holder can work Part-time and Full time at the same time while LOC can only work 1 full time job. 😊

@nayeshaf that sounds great, I have been looking for that answer. But I'm reading different things online unfortunately (only one employee). Do you have a source for that? That would be incredibly helpful! Thank you