Latent TB Employment Pass


I have latent TB but not active TB. I recently got IPA for my employment pass. I was wondering if my latent TB can be a problem in getting EP.  Thanks.

Certainly yes… it would definitely affect.

@Manga2022 Either you declare or not, when your X-ray show spot on your lung , you need to explain. So, you need to collect documents that prove your past TB diease was well and proper treated and complete the drug course under a doctor. And also bring the doctor's certificate to show.

These are the information I got from my friends. Point is you need to give well explaination and need some documents to prove.

I suggest to ask the guy who passed and got EP in similar condition for sure.

As I know, TB and HIV are the most corcern diease for MoM (may be Singapore government).

@BIN GO72  Thanks. Could you please provide me the contact of the person, who got EP under similar condition? This would be super helpful.

@Manga2022 I'm sorry, I couldn't give the contact. I only sharing the information that I got from my friend. He also doesn't face this situation. May be he got from his friend or his friend's relatives.

Good luck.

How ur permit now?

@Manga2022 hi, may I know how was your EP right now ?

Im facing the same issue, my reports are negative but only bcoz of scars in my lungs they rejected my wp application

Let me share my experience with TB situation during my last renewal. I had been working for same company for over 13 years in Singapore on an EP. In my last renewal, I had to undergo a medical exam. GP apparently deemed some patches on X-RAY a potential early stage of TB or latent TB. I was referred to TTSH TBCU for specialist examination. TTSH folks did X-Ray yet again, sputum test and a tuborculin test. Thankfully, i was alright and all tests came negative. i was declared medically fit to be part of singapore workforce and thus my EP was approved.

During this my employer had arranged an STVP, which needed to extend as tests took longer. though until tests were negative it was nightmare everyday a lot of mental stress.

also, initially i had to pay for everything only later i managed to claim it from the insurance my employer had for me.

So, in short not just being medically fit is one of primary criteria but also the specialist doctors must say so to get work pass approved. there is no by passing this.

hope this brings some insights to this thread.

@flyingclassic hi may I know how long you take the tb treatment ?

Basically 3 to 6months

Noted thank you 🙏

so you have an old scar on lungs and the countries reject you for something that isn't even you're responsible for. this is sick. i've got a scar and i was expecting to get a job in singapore. this is inhumane. why does nobody talk about it?

can someone confirm if i should try or not? i'm assuming it will be a useless exercise to try getting a job in singapore as they'll declare me unfit for my old scar (inactive tb)


hi, did you get your EP?