Is it true that Borneo people are barred from working in SG?

I am confused about the ruling regarding borneo people (Sabahan and Sarawakian). Some say it is true, some say it is not. I read a news MOM says they will approved Sabahan and Sarawakian only if they fullfilled the requirement.

So, My work permit rejected 2x.
My friend who is a Sabahan, non chinese used SPM and he got accepted.

While me, im using my diploma transcript, im half chinese and rejected. (Applying for healthcare assistant). I applied via agent, and the agent told me that they have no problem applying for East Malaysia before and I am their first case.

I only applied for work permit not even Epass or Spass because I know I wont get it.

I want know what is the reason for the rejection. But MoM wont tell.

Can anyone share their opinion and suggestion?

Thank you

The rejection is certainly NOT because you are from Borneo.
But from the very little information you gave, it is impossible to tell what the actual rejection reason could be. You might want to read on this forum or elsewhere about Singapore work passes, their requirements, application process and approval chances.

Thank you for replying.
From what I know regarding the work permit requirement, they accept SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) and Diploma transcript. No minimum wages, the only thing that work permit holders has to do is to abide the rules given such as not marrying a Singaporean, would not have the previlege to apply for PR and so on. My agent said they will investigate what is the problem and appeal again which they did. Now awaiting for the result. It takes 2 to 3 weeks.