'ADVERSE RECORD' Explanation and Implications


Anyone can elaborate what this means and how does it affect foreigners wanting to stay working in SG? Is it something that stays in the record book for life, and how does this affect road map to PR/Citizenship?

Anyone can add their experiences and questions. Tried researching it everywhere online and their seem to have very limited discussion about it. Seem so serious and scary to me.

"Adverse records" means there is something in your profile that makes MoM think you are not suitable to work in Singapore. As long as the records exist, you will not get any work pass and definitely no PR/citizenship.
You should contact MoM and try to clarify the issues. In some cases (e.g. if two subsequent EP applications show different educational or career details) this could have been a mistake and can be solved easily. In other cases (e.g. minor immigration or other offenses) this expires after a number of years. If it cannot be resolved or removed (e.g. major immigration or criminal offenses), you will have to look for another country.

hello sir . i applied s pass on 3 nov.but its was rejected they said i hve adverse record....one more thing i came to singapore lasr month but they does not gave me entry because i already came so many time because i always went to singapore for my company ..i m wrking in india in travel company ..so this is the reason mom rejected my pass ..because i deported ?

tejinder walia wrote:

whar is minor immgirarion problem ?

An example is overstaying by just a few days with good reason (e.g. hospitalization), or if you tried to enter again after just leaving the country for a few days or less and were denied entry.

thnc for the rply sir...sir if i hve the reasony i m coming to singapore then also its effected

sir if i will appeal can hve chance to get pass ?

tejinder walia wrote:

thnc for the rply sir...sir if i hve the reasony i m coming to singapore then also its effected

If you are banned, you will be denied entry no matter for what reason you want to visit Singapore.
It is better to contact ICA before your trip to clarify matters.

if sir mom say my pass rejected due to depoted so wat should be my nxt step for my s pass ,?..some people said go to ica and pay fine ? that is true sir ?

Hi Tejinder, you need to clarify with ICA which can be contacted through email. Secondly, if you are working in a travel co. and u r required to visit SG for your requirement then ICA should know prior to your visit. But in between, you are saying that you r applying S pass? What was that for? Are you applying a new job here?

For travel industry MOM is not that influenced to hire foreigners for this, unless your specialization is completely different.

MoM has every rights not to disclose the details about your adverse case, but I believe as an applicant, you must know which adverse case they are talking. Certainly, frequent visit on ur work can't be adverse case if u have not over stayed couple of times n paid fine for that or any other thing which u must be knowing.

Why r u talking about fine? If MoM didn't ask any fine then what purposes your saying this?

There are few crucial points missing and need to be clarified by u with MoM n ICA, both r reachable via mail if your action points addressable then they will reply definitely.
Good luck

thnx sir...no sir i m nt over stay there....yes sir i want to wrk in sg before i applied e pass but it was rejected due to my qualificatation ..they said for that qualification i n  eligable for s pass..so i applied s pass.....sir some people told me about that go to ica and pay some fine if they want..

Hi Tejinder, no need to call me sir. You can call me Surya.

Sorry to hear about your situation but I request you visit MoM website then get the contact mail ID, send a mail giving your S pass application reference number and request them if any guidance they can give u in pass rejection. Same time check with employer who had applied S pass for u and find out if in case they can request MoM to reconsider your case. If you did not over stay or done nothing wrong in SG or in India then provided your correct information including educational certificates then I hope MoM will consider ur case.

My best wishes for u.

thnx surya..i will try to send email to mom ..hopefully i will get some gud news ...

tejinder walia wrote:

if sir mom say my pass rejected due to depoted so wat should be my nxt step for my s pass ,?..some people said go to ica and pay fine ? that is true sir ?

If you were deported from Singapore in the past, it is very unlikely that you will get an EP, S-Pass or any other visa in the near future (several years), or maybe forever. Contact ICA and ask!

hi..yesterday i got reason ..mom said go to ica and check.....i want to ask some question that i went to singapore so many time before they never stop me ..i always put 7 to 9 days length but they put stamp for 30 days ...so i bck to india on 29  days ...so wen i went this time they said i always put lenght of 7 to 8 days but u stay for 29 days...so i explain them everything....i hve proof also y i m staying for 29 days ..so pls help wat i will rply to ica now ..so wat ica do for my s pass now..thnx

ICA does not do with ur pass as they don't apply any passes. They only give u visa.

Where as MoM does approve all kind of passes.

But as MoM asked to clarify with ICA on your frequent travel n deportion so you can reach them by email and they will reply you in 2 to 3 working days. Good luck

thnx surya...my agnt will go there and talk...can u tell me ica is also a problem for me to get s pass

ICA does not give u pass, it has no authority to issue passes. It's immigration authority to issue visa. But you can go along with ur agent if possible, then speak to ICA authority and clarify the deportion issue as it could be the only major hurdle for u as during pass process for any employemts, MOM requires details from ICA to verify your travel details n history.

Hope you will resolve this issue with ICA soon.

thnx surya..but i m still worried if ICA does not listen then wat i will do ..

So you are banned by ICA for multiple long stays - ICA suspects illegal activity in such cases (e.g. work).
You (not an agent - ICA dislikes dealing with them!) must contact ICA and prove beyond doubt that you had other reasons for staying in Singapore so often and long (taking care of a sick relative is a good reason, doing business or looking for a job is not).
As long as you are banned, you will not get an S-Pass. So contact ICA soon!

If ICA does not follow your request and lift the ban, you cannot visit Singapore (or work there) for the duration of the ban.
In that case you should ask how long the ban will last.

Surya: "Pass" is used in Singapore for all visa. Some, like SVP and LTVP, are issued by ICA, others, like DP and all work passes, by MoM.

Beppi: my above post was classified "pass" as working pass, which is issued by MoM incl those labours getting work permit.

ICA as an authority restrict to issue SVP n LTVP ( which are nothing but travel visa, may be those are theoretically called as long term n short term pass but not entitled to work here with those passes).

surya and beppi i hve one important question..how special pass person got pass ...i know many person that hve special pass and they got pass...but my case is diffrnt frm other even i never did any thing wrng ..i never break any law...pls suggest me wat i will do and talk to ICA so i will get pass..thnx surya and beppi

I have never heard of a "special pass" in Singapore. Maybe you can explain what you mean?
If you did not break the law (and can prove it), then you should contact ICA and clarify the matter with them. You need to do this and convince them to lift the ban before you can get any visa (pass).

beppi special pass is that pass which is given by mom if person hve some crime in singapore so mom give that pass but he cannot wrk ..that pass does nt hve any fix period some time 1 year or some time untill the person hve  case in mom...if he send bck he cannot come as a vister but he can come if they hve any s pass or e p

There is no such pass - what you heard is wrong!
MoM issued only work passes (and dependents passes for family members of work pass holders).
ICA is in charge of all other passes.
The only pass that allows a long-term stay without the right to work is Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP). You can find the details here: http://www.ica.gov.sg/services_centre_o … pageid=376

no beppi my frnds also got special pass frm mom...i m nt wrng..every montg u will go to mom office to sign

Then ask your friend what this pass is called and what the formalities and regulations are for getting it.
Please then post it here for me and others to learn - I have never heard of this pass.

beppi that pass u will get wen u caught by police ..then u will get this pass (special pass)

or u put case against anyone then u will get this pass

I checked the Singapore immigration law (http://statutes.agc.gov.sg/aol/search/d … %3A0;rec=0) and other sources:
There is indeed a "special pass"!
It is used in very special cases like the following:
- The pass holder is required as witness in a criminal case, but could not otherwise remain in Singapore.
- The pass holder is accused in a criminal case and has to remain in Singapore for potential punishment.
- The pass holder is pursuing a court case that could not continue without his presence.
- The pass holder is too sick to travel and his previous pass expired.
- The pass holder is a newborn baby foreigner and needs a temporary pass until a permanent one can be issued.
If one of them (or similar) applies to you, you may contact the relevant authorities (MoM only in case of a work dispute) with your request for a special pass - the authority will then approack ICA, which approved and issues special passes.
Please note that special passes can be issued for a maximum of 1 month (but usually only 7 days) and may or may not be renewed. You also cannot work, get no financial support and in most cases have to deposit your passport with the authorities while on a special pass.

Some more information here:
https://twc2.org.sg/2012/09/28/nabbing- … lders-too/
It is clearly no fun being on a special pass in Singapore!

beppi u take wrng my point ..in my previous note i said special pass person also got s pass or e pass ...even they hve crimal record ..

I don't think so - I've never heard of this and I cannot imagine the Singapore authorities allowing such a backdoor around their regulations!
There might have been a (very small) number of exceptions - the Singapore authorities generally reserve the right for themselves to make exceptions from any rule - but it is certainly not something you can ask or apply for.
In any case (I sound like a broken record!) you need to contact ICA for any further step you want to make.

thnx beppi ..still my agnt never go to ica.may b soon my agnt will go and talk.

You should contact ICA yourself - an agent cannot help you much!

beppi now i m in india..

Then I am afraid you have no chance at all.
This special pass is only used for people who are in Singapore and need to, for VERY strong and exceptional reasons (like the ones listed above), stay longer than their regular visa allows.
If this agent tells you otherwise (and especially if they charge you for the application!), then he is not honest and you should ditch him.
You can (and should) contact ICA by email or phone to ask whether you are banned and how long the ban will last. They will not tell this to an agent (for privacy reasons).

I want to ask you, how about your result now? ICA help you to solve the problem? How about your work pass now???


My work permit is expiring soon but MOM rejected my renewal due to this adverse record, but I am pretty sure I never did anything against the law while staying here. What should I do? Call them by phone or head to the MOM service centre straight away? Desperately need help here. Thanks